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Platform Analytics


Platform Analytics

Good afternoon.


Could you give me a hand with the following doubt?


I have been working with property transformations in Thingworx Platform Analytics.

I have an Azure VM with the following hardware configuration:


I have installed the following components successfully:


+ TWX 9.x
+ Analytics Server
+ Platform Analytics
+ Vuforia Experience Service
+ Vuforia Studio
+ Kepware


Using a dataset I emulated a remote device with a Pressure signal.

I used a timer to stream the pressure signal each 1, 10, 50, and 100 ms.


The pressure signal has the following form:



I created three property transformations from the original pressure signal and all worked as expected:



But sadly, my virtual machine performance drops worryingly when the process is running:




This is only a simple test with three property transformations. Does any parametrization or any insight about the sizing of the server be to support a real industrial application that uses the Platform Analytics features?


I really appreciate your help,


@sarjasalc ,


Thank you for posting your question to the PTC Community.


One thing I want to mention, typical configuration for production  is to seperate ThingWorx Analytics and ThingWorx Platform Server. It is ok to have both ThingWorx Analytics and ThingWorx Analytics Platform Analytics on the same server, but ThingWorx Platform Server (Foundation Server) should have its own dedicated box.


This is due to the use of the JVMs, all three applciations are heavy Java memory users, and you could be encountering issues with resource capping with all those applications on one instance.


You can find the sizing guides for ThingWorx Analytics Platform Analytics here:






23-Emerald II

Hi @sarjasalc


If you feel your question has been answered, please mark the previous response as the Accepted Solution for the benefit of others with the same question.





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