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Hololens and Ipad Connectivity


Hololens and Ipad Connectivity

Hi ,


I have created a Hololens app using thingmark with couple of models. I have written js to make model visible and non visible based on DoubleTap. With "Share experience" I am able to run the same application on Ipad and it working fine. but as the application are not connected any model I make invisible using hololens does not reflect on Ipad.

Is there any way to connect Hololens and Ipad app ? any lead will help me alot .

Thanks in advance.




Experiences are never "linked" between hardware.

They are local to any device.


The same result happens when running the same Experience in 2 different smartphones.

One can see the 3D Model and the second one not.

It depends of interaction with the users.


So, this kind of behavior doesn't exist at the moment in Vuforia Studio.


A possible solution is to have this approach :

  1. In ThingWorx, create a Thing
  2. Add a Property, boolean named visible
  3. Init it with a default value at true
  4. Create a custom javascript Service to switch it from true to false and from false to true
  5. Create a second custom javascript Service to get current value of this Property
  6. In Vuforia Studio, add this Thing and this Service
  7. When doing a DoubleTap action, run this Service
  8. When loading the View, check the visibility of 3D model in Thingworx with the second Service
  9. Apply it on the 3D model in the View

Best regards,



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