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How to retrive IDPATH from PARTNAME


How to retrive IDPATH from PARTNAME

Hi everyone, 

in my project I have to retrive the idpath associated to a part name. 

For example, in partname.txt I saved a list of part name like this one



For every code in the list I want retrive the corresponding idpath stored into pvz's metadata (that I'm able to extract and load in console), because I want to highlight only that parts. 


Thank you



EDIT: I try to explain in a better way. 


With this method I want to loop into a list of part name and retrive the id path located into the metadata. 

  		(metadata) => {  
			let part_id_path= metadata.get('8129316.prt', 'Part ID Path');
    	console.log('>>>>>>>> Display Part ID=' + part_id_path);

Any suggestions?Thank You

Hi @LS_9776545 ,

so far I think in general this will be easy to be achieved , but for me is not quite clear what is the problem.

So according to

there are some good information and examples. I did not check the functionalily if the code as you mentioned should work yet. 

For me is first is important to know what is the problem.

- Is the mentioned code not working ? so in this case you need the correct syntax

or (what I believe) the quesiton is where to call the loop.?

So . let suppose the code you mentioned is working well. In this case the loop should be inside the then construct

Let say you have the list in array - e.g. follwoing example

var my_input_list = ["AL02CS0535","AL02CS0536","BR25CS0031A","BR25CS0032A,"LA19193001,
var my_result_list=[]
  (metadata) => {  
             for(let i in my_input_list) {
	let part_id_path= metadata.get(my_input_list[i], 'Part ID Path');
    	console.log('>>>>>>>> Display Part ID=' + part_id_path);
		console.warn("added:"+part_id_path+" to list")
console.log("output array");console.warn(my_result_list);

But as mentioned if you clarify more detailed the requirments I could it check more detailed

after check I see that this is not quite correct:

let part_id_path= metadata.get('8129316.prt', 'Part ID Path');

so the get method get requires id path:


So that here is the requirments to have a correct syntax of query with input fileName and  output the part Id path. Rights? 

But this will work only if the component with the name e.g. test12345.prt is only one time included in assembly. 

Example in an assembly you can have a component bolt-M10x24.prt which is included many times. For every particular component  "bolt-M10x24.prt" included in the assembly will have different id path- so in this case the answer should be an array of coponent paths?right?


as already mentioned there are different way s to achive this but here is one possible way I tested was working fine:

 var my_output_array=[]
    var my_output_array2=[]
  var result = metadata.find('Part Name').like('CYLINDER_LINER.PRT');
     console.log("metadata.find('Part Name').like('CYLINDER_LINER.PRT')");
    for (let ind in result._selectedPaths)
    { let part_ids=result._selectedPaths[ind];
     console.log("ind="+ind+" part_ids="+part_ids);
     let part_id_paths=metadata.get(part_ids, 'Part ID Path');
     let part_paths=metadata.get(part_ids, 'Part Path');
    console.warn("my_output_array >>>>>");
    console.warn("my_output_array2 >>>>>");

here is the fileName used with the like() op.

If this will find an element with this partName then we can check the  result._selectedPaths  array - with the idPaths. The array is empty when there is are no elements found  or  it contains the path ids of all found components, which are found.
We see the idpath for the get is the same as the 'Part ID Path' attribute so the second call does not make here sense but just as example I called it. We can e.g. in second call use the idpath and receive the value of other attribut - here in example the Part Pats

When tested  , I had the following printings:


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