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Sequences are not running on smartphones


Sequences are not running on smartphones

Hi all...


My name is Adrian and I'm working with Vuforia studio. I created an AR-Experiance and the created sequences are runnig well on the preview of the Vuforia Studio. But I'm not able to play the sequences on my Smartphone with the Vuforia View App. I've tried it on a Android device and on an Iphone...

Can samebody help me? Is there a problem related to the upload? And how can I change it?


Hi Adrian,

I would recommand testing where the issue comes from. First, have a look in the console of the preview window by hitting F12. Maybe you can find an error there. Then I would try binding a play-Funktion to a button.
Also it could be a compatibility problem. Where did you create the sequence? Which version of Creo illustrate?


Binding play function on a button:



Hi whity


Thank you for your answer!


I created the sequences in Creo Illustrate 5.0.


The sequences are running properly in the preview mode of the vuforia studio.


Could it be a problem that the .pvi file is part of the .pvz file? Do I need to upload the .pvi file separately?

Removing the pvi's and uploading them seperately is necessary, if you have several sequences. You can handle the pvz just like a zip achive. 


Unless something has changes in Illustrate 5 this is not true. On 4.2 and earlier you do not need to mess with the .pvz at all or remove the .pvi file. Just publish your .pvz out of illustrate and import to Studio.


The suggestion to look at the Chrome console when you are in preview is a good one. See if there are errors showing up in there.


How are you starting your sequence playing? With a button bound to the service would be the simplest to start. Make sure you are using the "Play All" function not "Play"

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