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Supported Functionality for 3D Panel Widget


Supported Functionality for 3D Panel Widget

With the new release of 9.0.2 obviously I noticed the 3D Panel widget is now supported. 


In reading the documentation, I've noticed there seems to be a conflict in the proposed usage and I'm wondering if there is a best practice around hiding/showing the widget. 


Per the help center here. there is a supported show/hide service to control the visibility of the widget. I don't see the service available in my design time properties panel for the widget, but I can make a call to that service using:'[widget-id="3DPanel-#"]'), 'app.view["Home"].wdg["3DPanel-#"].svc.hide');  


This seems to work intermittently at best for my particular implementation. 


However when I browsed for the documentation in the 3D Press button, it seems that the supported practice is to use standard widget notation to show/hide using the visible property of the panel as well as all of its contained widgets. 


Using this method I have had better success than just calling the service. When I call the service AND then hide the panel and all the contained widgets, the result is much more reliable. I have a significant amount of widgets on the panel, so that may be affecting the usage. 


Is there a best usage guideline around whether to use the service or visible properties, and is there a limit around the amount of information (widgets) we should contain on the panel?


hi @Aouellets 


We had a slight error in our documentation and are updating it accordingly. You should use the 'visible' property to show/hide the 3D panel. 


I'm not aware of a widget limit for the 3D panel but depending on your use-case, you may want to consider using multiple 3D Panels with a smaller set of child widgets. 

Thank you! 


Additionally if you happen to know the answer:


For the offset property of the 3D Panel widget, the property seems stuck at 0 0.06 and I am unable to effectively change that value. The issue is, for me, when in the tagalong state I cannot reach the panel. 


I've tried updating the value several ways, and each time even if the value is printing correctly in the console it is still out of reach. 


Any thoughts on this?

I am suffering from the same problem
I want the panel to follow near my hand.

I want to use it like an operation panel, which is common in Hololens apps.

@okuno_takahiro @Aouellets 

The issue with Panel float too far from the user to reach is being addressed at this time. Also, we are working on enhancing the UX support to provide smooth experience for the 3D panel and the HoloLens/3D experiences in the upcoming releases of Studio/View.

Are there plans to create a service similar to the initial release of the panel for a show/hide rather than having to programmatically show and hide the panel and every element on the panel?

Vuforia View 91.0 for HoloLens has some improvements for tagalong functionality of 3D panel and upcoming Vuforia View 9.2.0 has another improvement to fix distance issue.

Hope you enjoy it!