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Vuforia Studio Experience Manager


Vuforia Studio Experience Manager

Hello Vuforia Studio community!


This past week the PTC user AR/VR Technical community and Vuforia product management discussed visualization and management of your organizations experience server. The Product Management team would like share a Vuforia Studio experience developed to help you manage the experiences you've published. Import and publish this experience as you would with any other project. Next use your device to get information about the experiences published. The experience can be used to unpublish unnecessary experiences.


Attached are the project files


Some helpful tips:

Icon Meaning
device.jpg The device the experience is published for
lock.jpg The experience requires authentication
Download.jpg The experience is available for download


Feel free to comment with your feedback and thoughts!


-Marty Markenson, Vuforia Product Management 


Subject of this post does not do justice to the significance of this. This is a massive improvement over having to dig stuff up in Postman or CURL. This is really elegant and useful.


Only improvement I can think of is a way to sort the data grid by a column. In my use I intend to only ever have on experience per Thingmark which doesn't always happen and if I could sort by the Thingmark column this would be easy to spot.

Glad you think this is an improvement and thanks for sharing your feedback! This is helpful for the product team as in defining how experiences are managed




It seems that this Manager no longer works with the latest update to Vuforia. Is there an update to the indispensable Studio Experience Manager coming soon, hopefully?

Hi Ike@ACE , thanks for reporting this issue!

yes currently this seems not to work, but I do not believe that the experience manger has an implementation issue , I believe that the current issue is based on an issue of the data Grid widget (and possibly also the repeater) which lead to the incorrect wrong display in the Experience Manger. So this what was reported in

I reported some time ago this issue to PTC R&D team as Jira VTS-1469. and fix is ready and need to be released soon. In the post mentioned above I will announce when the fix is release, so I am sure that this also will be solved with this. 

fix verified Studio 9.11.1263.0 (2D Widget) and (3D Widget). - so I think , here is the first item related to the Experience Manager

5-Regular Member

Has this been confirmed to work? I just tried this today in both preview mode and on my phone and it does not seem to be working.