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What's New in ThingWorx Studio 8.1.1

21-Topaz I

What's New in ThingWorx Studio 8.1.1

Here is a full list of the new features and functionality in ThingWorx Studio.

ThingWorx Studio

  • A QR code is automatically generated in ThingWorx Studio in the PROJECT pane under Info > Experience Service. Using ThingWorx View, you can scan this QR code to set your Experience Service URL.
  • Ability to rename Application Parameters.
  • Bug fixes and improvements

ThingWorx View

  • Use a QR code to automatically open an Experience or to set the Experience Service URL.
  • New Enable auto-open setting allows you to go directly into an Experience when only one Experience is returned.
  • HoloLens:
    • Gaze cursor changes when placed on a tappable augmentation
      • Note: To highlight tappable augmentations, place the gaze in an empty space, and air-tap once.
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements

Hi Tara,

A lot of people now having issues with the new release! We cannot seem to publish Experiences up to the server. I guess more people will have the same issue as us.



Hi Brian, We are looking into this. Thanks for the information!

It would be nice if we could get a list of some of the top bugs that have been fixed with each update. This is because as I work I might experience something strange that could be a bug and then in future I avoid doing that thing in that way but it might be a bug that has been fixed in a newer version of which I wouldn't know about.

For example a problem I have been having recently is that the binding with the external data properties would not update in real time so instead I bound the service getPropertyValues as a work around which is a little more cumbersome to do than rather just binding the properties.