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Future of Intralink


Future of Intralink


Our company is currently at the crossroads of the Intralink / Windchill super highway. We currently are running 3.4 and debating on which road to take.

We are a small company (10 seats) and it seems Intralink is the obvious choice (is there an obvious choice?),but it seems to me that Windchill is the latest and greatest, but has a lot of features our company would not use. Does anyone foresee an end to Intralink or is it here to stay?

Can anyone tellme why they chosethe product theydid and if you haveregrets; if any.

Thanks in advance


I haven't seen anyone else answer this, so here goes. The PTC Product
Calendar can be found on the web site at this location:

Maybe I have slept a bit too long but what is X-20? A new naming structure for PTC products? Anyone have an idea?

Hi Brad

We were in a very similar situation about 18 months ago. We have 7
seats, with 4 full-time users and the rest are occasional.
We were on Intralink 3.3, we moved to Intralink 9.0.
The reason:-
(The most important factor) Cost, moving to Intralink 9.0 was (almost) a
no cost option. Moving to PDMLink would have cost
the upgrade fee to change 1 Intralink licence to 2 PDMLink Heavy
licences (I think this is still how it works check with your PTC rep)
and as we had the bundled Intralink which included the Oracle licences
we would have had to buy Oracle or SQL.
If it was going to cost the company money we would still be on 3.3.
I managed to do the upgrade from 3.3 to 9.0 myself (contact me offline
if you would like more info).
One other thing to consider is that you can go from Intralink 9.0 to
PDMLink 9.0 later on, going to Intralink is not a dead end road.

I would have loved to put in PDMLink but I could not see it being
accepted in the rest of the company so it would just have been a waste
of money.


Sarah Ford
CAD Designer/System Admin
Tel. 01202 627200 Ext. 236

What about Product Point?

We are SharePoint users and so ProductPoint is interesting to us, however we are concerned about a deficit in features from Intralink 3.4 to ProductPoint. Does anyone know of any feature comparisons available?

Ian Bagnald
System Support Analyst Sr.


according to the PTC's Product Calendar X-20 is >Internal name for Windchill that is used by PTC until the official release.< (see notes below the Windchill product section.

Lep pozdrav,
Jurij Škraba
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