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Latest Revision


Latest Revision

Hi all,

I just want to know if it possible to go back to the previous version of the drawing and make it the latest version. Because some of our customer had a situation that they will disregard the latest version of drawing and go back the previous version and it will become the latest version.

For example.

I have a drawing with 6 version and the latest is the A.6







In some cases they will disregard the A.6 version and will go back to A.4 version, Edit/Modify it and it will become the latest version. I did sample but when It didn't allow me to check out the A.4 version. Is there a way that it will work?

Thank you,



Re: Latest Revision

Backup the A.4 version to disk, clear memory and then open the file from disk. Windchill will see this as a new file that you should be able to force in as A.7.

Re: Latest Revision

I am not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for, but take a look at the Revise Preference "Allow revise of non-latest revisions."

Re: Latest Revision

Assuming you have access to the knowledge base, there are several good articles on this:

Basically, look at these two preferences:

Allow checkout non-latest iterations:

Site > Utilities > Preference Manager > Create & Edit > Allow checkout of non latest iterations = Allow checkout of non-latest iterations

Allow revise non-latest revisions:

Site > Utilities > Preference Manager > Revise > Allow revise of non-latest revisions = Yes


Re: Latest Revision

This is how I have done it:

1. Add to workspace and open older revision

2. Save as backup

3. Remove from workspace and erase not displayed

4. open backup file and save to workspace make sure the file name matches the file in Windchill

5. Search Windchill Commonspace for part and checkout the file when checking out make sure "Reuse modified workspace content" is checked

6. Check the file back in to Windchill. The old revision will now be saved as the latest iteration.

If you don't need A.5 and A.6 you could just delete them and then you would be back to A.4 but, if there are references it could be difficult to delete them.


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