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Publishing of secondary attachments


Publishing of secondary attachments

Publishing of secondary attachments

Hello WVS lovers. I need your expertise. I am posting here & wvs are, to catch more eyes.
Hope it offends no one.

I really don't have in depth knowledge in the WVS area, so I am here.

I am on contract to help a client, so this is their wvs configuration, so I don't know how they are configured.

They are only using a office/doc worker. They publish docs to pdfs. Some of those Primary docs have

The problem they/we are having is that through the publishing scheduler, when I publish whole containers,
its actually publishing the Secondary attachments to PDF's.

Is it supposed to do that? It is allowed to do that? Where can that be functional?

Now they are using a watermark tool (OOTB of customized).

But somehow, sporadically the publisher somehow chooses the one of the secondary attachments at the default
representation, so when they select the "View in ProductView" button/icon, the pdf of the secondary/attachment
PDF pops up. Instead of the watermark PDF.

Yes I said sporadically, because it sometimes actually chooses the watermark PDF as the default representation.

The way we are resolving is 1 of 2 routes:

1) delete existing representations & manually republish (not through scheduler).
2) change default representation from wrong attachment pdf, to watermark pdf.

Problem there is that there are at least 5K of these improperly published defaults
& it would take way too long to do this manually &/or not really logical.

Even if it was a push to manually republish these, its been hard to write sql or code to
find which docs have their secondary attachments as default. We have working sql, but
it spits out which attachments are default, but it also reports the watermarks are default also at times.

So there seems to be no way to find the exact list of bad publish jobs.


Should it ever publish the secondary attachments?
Are there wvs properties that control that?
That can be set to something else to make sure the attachments are not published.

We contacted ptc & they said there is no current route to keep the scheduler from publishing attachments
&/or setting them as default representation.

Then if no one knows the route to NOT publish secondary attachments, what sql/code can actually
point to the non watermark PDF representation?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

L Jett,



Hello L Jett,

Can you please Provide input to publish secondary content.




23-Emerald IV



This is an extremely old post and this user hasn't posted anything since 2015.  You'd be better off creating a new thread describing what exactly it is you're trying to do.  You may also want to search this community for "wvs additional files" and "wvs publish rules". 

The requirement is very straight forward. I want to Publish secondary content(Attachments) of WTDocument.



23-Emerald IV

Based on this article, it sounds like secondary content is automatically published:


Is your system configured to publish Microsoft Office documents if they are the primary content?  Windchill does require special licenses and configuration to be able to publish Microsoft Office documents.

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