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Windchill and Active Directory integration


Windchill and Active Directory integration


I am new to Windchill (just followed Windchill admin training).

I am trying to integrate an existing Windchill 10 solution with Active Directory

I set up a JNI adapter with all the necessary ldap information to connect to Active Directory but when I try to log to Windchill with my AD user, the connection is refused.

I do not see any information about this connection attempt in the method server log files.

Did I miss a step in the configuration procedure ?

Any help would be much appreciated.




Have you added autentifcation in apache in :







Next shell command :
ant -f webAppConfig.xml regenWebAppConf



Hi Pascal.
Thank you for your answer. I did configure the app-Windchill-AuthProvider.xml file and ran the ant command.

I can now see in apache logs that my AD enterprise server is accessed during the authentication phase.

Unfortunately, I now have a password mismatch error even if I enter the correct password.

Any idea would be welcome.


For the user that you're using to authenticate via Active Directory, are you looking in the correct AD OU? Sometimes service accounts may be located in a different OU than regular company users. Also, make sure you don't lock out the account by authenticating too many times incorrectly.

You can also set in WT.Properties and restart the method server to see debug connection messages. **Warning that this may induce a large amount of logs for the method server**

Can you tell me where you found a guide to connect an existing windchill installation to active directory?

Article CS29445 contains instructions on connecting Windchill to Active Directory: