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Part simplified rep in drawing


Part simplified rep in drawing


Used to be, you couldn't make a simplified rep of a part, but I recently
found that it is now possible; however, has this functionality been only
partially implemented in WF 2? I've made a part, which is basically a piece
of tape. I made a bump in the part to eliminate the interference between it
and the part it is holding down, but want it to show flat in the drawing, so
I made a simplified rep, excluding the features that make the bump. The
drafter started making the drawing and has found that he cannot use the
simplified rep in the drawing; in Properties>Drawing Models, "Set/Add Rep"
is grayed out. Fortunately, we can work around this by erasing edges and
sketching the flat edges back in, but I'd like to know if there's a way to
do this "correctly." Any ideas out there?

WF2, M280




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University of Texas at Austin

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Mechanical Designer

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RE: Part simplified rep in drawing

You have to set the Simp Rep before placing the view. If you use Simp Reps in a assembly where you bring the part rep into the assy.

the show annotations does not work. You then need to have two of the same parts a master and the Simp Rep. for the annotations to work.