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The Mail Exploder is at risk, Speak up NOW!


The Mail Exploder is at risk, Speak up NOW!

[X] Exploder
[ ] Online Forum

How could the Exploder cost PTC money? They obviously do not bother
monitoring it, or we would have seen official work arounds, fixed problems
we've uncovered and made at least some of the enhancements we've offered
over the years.

I urge PTC to not de-evolve our user based support system into an even more
disfunctional, disconnected online forum system that we will not use.

What I think we really need is a single simple e-mail bounce system like
Landfill was and a single moderator like Peter to run it.

This is my personal opinion, and may not reflect that of my employer.
Glen R Wisham
EW Design and Analysis
Space and Airborne Systems
Raytheon Company

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I think it shouldn't be a problem to get both in one. A mailing system that also get you a forum to answer that and somewhere a possibility if you want to get these e-mails or not. As sender mail there should be a mailadress with the topic number inside and you send back to the topic and he automaticly adds that to the forum.

So I like to get both.

[X] Exploder
[X] Online Forum

Best regards,

[X] Exploder
[ ] Online Forum

I really stuck my neck out when I selected PTC 20 years ago. Somewhat sad
to see it has come down to this. I'm neutral on the forum, but would like
the exploder to stay another decade.

John Moody