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how change the section of cable group on pro/cabling


how change the section of cable group on pro/cabling


I must route several cable with pro/cabling, but i would like a placement of cable different than flat or round (two bunk flat of 4 wire, then 8 cable).

Have you a idea to change the cross section of a bundle of cable?

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Thank for your quik reply.

But i still can not route as i want. I try route two flat bundle separetly ( one tanjent to the surface, the other offset of the diaméter of wire).

I have join a picturethat show my new problem . And, imust routewire in complex assembly (on the picture is juste a test),So I think it will be very difficult with this method.

If you have any other idea, I'd be very grateful!

It has been a while since I've used cabling, but there was a way that you could make the cable flat and then make a new row and move some cables to it. Here is an excerpt from the "part" help documentation.

To Modify Packing at Locations
1. Click CABLING > Location > Packing.
2. Select a flat location to modify packing, the Modify Packing dialog box opens.
3. Modify the Cable name or Thickness and set the other settings appropriately.
You can cut and paste items in the list of items at that location to modify the shape of the flat grouping. When you select an item in the list, the item is highlighted in Pro/ENGINEER.
4. Click Apply to preview the visual changes to the packing in your assembly without making them permanent and OK to close the dialog box.

Hope this helps,

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