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Conditions needed to use full asyncronous mode???

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Conditions needed to use full asyncronous mode???


I am planning to use the CREO VB API to make an application that runs in full asynchronous mode.

as a first step I compiled the examples provided in the vb API folder (VB API Examples) with Visual Studio Community and ran them.

the Simple Asynchronous mode connects and  run perfectly. However, when i try to connect in Full Asynchronous, CREO starts and I get the error message shown in the attached file. After clicking OK in the error window, the "VB API Examples" Form is not loaded as expected and the connection form which is still visible becomes unresponsive. I have to shut-down CREO to get the connection form back.

Do we need an additional license to run in Full Asynchronous with the VB API, or is it just the result of a wrong command in the program? or maybe my settings? I am using CREO 2.0 M100

Thank you in advance for your help.


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According to the error message, the error comes from the following portion of code below.

The text in bold is the one you're looking for, but I don't get why it's not working.....Someone Help!!!:


    'Function   :   addMenuAndButton

    'Purpose    :   This function demonstrates the usage of UI functions to

    '               add a new menu and button to Creo Parametric.


    Private Sub addMenuAndButton()

        Dim session As pfcls.IpfcSession

        Dim inputCommand As IpfcUICommand

        Dim buttonListener As IpfcUICommandActionListener

        Dim exitCommand As IpfcUICommand

        Dim eListener As IpfcUICommandActionListener


            session = asyncConnection.Session

            buttonListener = New ButtonListener()

            eListener = New ExitListener()


            'Command is created which will be associated with the button. The class

            'implementing the actionlistener must be given as input.


            inputCommand = session.UICreateCommand("INPUT", buttonListener)

            exitCommand = session.UICreateCommand("EXIT", eListener)


            'Menu is created and buttons are created in the menu


            session.UIAddMenu("VB-Async", "Windows", "pfcAsynchronousModeExamples.txt", Nothing)

            session.UIAddButton(exitCommand, "VB-Async", Nothing, _

                                "USER Exit Listener", "USER Exit Help", "pfcAsynchronousModeExamples.txt")

            session.UIAddButton(inputCommand, "VB-Async", Nothing, _

                                "USER Async App", "USER Async Help", "pfcAsynchronousModeExamples.txt")

        Catch ex As Exception

            MsgBox(ex.Message.ToString + Chr(13) + ex.StackTrace.ToString)

        End Try

    End Sub


Hi All

I am facing same error Can nay one have the solution on this Issue

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