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How to set material in a part with excel vba


How to set material in a part with excel vba

I've searched everywhere for an example of this, and am coming up zeros. The only thing I've found is this article:

... and it doesn't work at all. (The "session" object isn't even instantiated in the example).

Here is what I'm doing:

' Dim statements
' connection stuff
... Set oModelDescriptor = oModelDescriptorCreate.Create(ModelType, ModelName, Null) Set oModel = oSession.RetrieveModel(oModelDescriptor)
blah blah
' do some stuff

All of that ^ works fine, as I can read/set parameters, etc.

I can also read the current material with this:

' get material
If oModel.Type = EpfcModelType.EpfcMDL_PART Then
     Set part = oModel
     Set material = part.CurrentMaterial
     .Cells(iRow, colOriginalMaterial).Value = material.Name
End If

But I'm not having any luck at all setting a new material. I'm trying something like this, but nadda (oModel is set earlier in the procedure):

' Set material

Dim part As IpfcPart
Dim material As IpfcMaterial

Set part = oModel
Set material = part.RetrieveMaterial("steel.mtl")
part.CurrentMaterial = material


Any help?


Helllooooo.......   is this thing on?

Does anyone ever actually answer questions here? I don't think I've ever had a single response.  🙂

Maybe Creo can't found mtl file.

Try manually add new material from mtl into part.

Then use GetMaterial (Name as string). This function return IpfcMaterial. And then set this material to the part properties

part.CurrentMaterial = material


PS: in PTC case material = part.RetrieveMaterial("Iron") loading material by mtl file name WITHOUT extension .mtl. In your code you using name with extension


- Specifies the material. calculate the weight
- Material file extension is not used
- Modify the code and use



Set oModel = oSession.CurrentModel
Set oSolid = oModel

'// option
Call oSession.SetConfigOption("pro_material_dir", Worksheets("data").Cells(20, "B"))
Call oSession.SetConfigOption("mass_property_calculate", "automatic")

Dim oPart As IpfcPart
Dim oMaterial As IpfcMaterial

If Worksheets("File Info").Cells(6, "E") Is Nothing Then

MsgBox "Please select a material file", vbInformation, "ToolBOX VBA"

Exit Sub

ElseIf Worksheets("File Info").Cells(6, "E") = "prt" Then

Set oPart = oModel
Set oMaterial = oPart.RetrieveMaterial(Worksheets("File Info").Cells(12, "C"))

Worksheets("File Info").Cells(13, "C") = oMaterial.Name
oPart.CurrentMaterial = oMaterial


MsgBox "Not a part file", vbInformation, "ToolBOX VBA"

Exit Sub

End If

'// SET Regenerate

Dim RegenInstructions As New CCpfcRegenInstructions
Dim oInstrs As IpfcRegenInstructions

Set oInstrs = RegenInstructions.Create(False, False, Nothing)

'// Regenerate 실행

Call oSolid.Regenerate(oInstrs)
Call oSolid.Regenerate(oInstrs)


Dim oMassProperty As IpfcMassProperty
Set oMassProperty = oSolid.GetMassProperty("")
Worksheets("File Info").Cells(17, "C") = oMassProperty.Mass

MsgBox "Part file weight was calculated", vbInformation, "ToolBOX VBA"

End Sub