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Jlink application failed on Creo upgrade


Jlink application failed on Creo upgrade

I am getting this error message when starting a  Jlink  application.

‘Startup of application “gwl_rev_change” failed.’

It was working on Creo2 m090 build but fails on creo2m170 build

The jar file compiled with the m170 pfc.jar works with the m090 build

This is the creotk.dat file

name               gwl_rev_change

startup            java

java_app_class     StartCN_Table

java_app_start     start

java_app_stop      stop

java_app_classpath D:\apps\lisk_tools\ChangeNotice.jar

allow_stop         true

delay_start        false

text_dir           D:\apps\lisk_tools\text



When one of my JLink applications fails to start, it's usually a problem with the Java classpath. Do you have your CLASSPATH environment variable correctly defined on M170? Also, did you define PRO_JAVA_COMMAND differently in either environment?

For this reason, I found it very helpful to have a small JLink (or Toolkit) application to read all environment variables and write them to a file. My end users also have this program deployed, and we catch a lot of configuration issues with it.

     The jar file compiled with the m170 pfc.jar works with the m090 build

I would expect the compiled Java code to be the same on either build, unless you're using a different Java compiler in each environment.

I hope this helps.

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I solved my problem by replacing the Jar file with the class files. Also went to m180 which also did not run the synchronous jar app but did with the class files. All my environment variables still point to m170 which does not exist now and app still works. I hoping this will not be a problem when I do an Asynchronous jlink app because I think this requires a jar file.

Not using PRO_JAVA_COMMAND in any environment. I am using Netbeans and Java

Your idea of a jlink to write environment variables sounds good.

Thanks for replying.


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I have the same problem: the j-link application waors well on Creo Elements 5.0 but Creo 3.0 fails to run the same app while the jar-file is compiled.


It was not a problem so far I started using the third-party libs. In the Creo Elements 5.0 in works like a charm and all libs doing their job. But the Creo 3.0 doesn't load these jars at all. I've tried different ways to add the CLASSPATH (system variables,, protk.dat) with no success.


I don't think the unzippig all the class-files from third-party jars is a correct solution. Is there another way to use axilary jar lib in creo 3?



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My problem was solved.

The issue was the hard classpath to pfc.jar of the CreoElements 5.0. While the application runs over the pro5 environment - it goes so far so good.

But under the Creo 3.0 there was a conflict: two different pfc.jar: the old one under hard classpath and other new one as automatically loaded by Creo3 itself.

I removed the hard classpath to pfc.jar of the CreoE5.0 and all works well/