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TRX system


TRX system

Hi. I know that this is a Mathcad forum. But i have a problem and i don't know how i can resolve.


You have a TRX system:

and you want to determine the following with a sensor based system:

1. the energy spent during workout
2. the correctness of the exercises

How do you physically determine 1 and 2?
What sensors do you need?
How do you use the sensors?
(The sensors must be placed by the TRX system)

I thought to use 2 IMU sensors and one load cell sensor. But i don't know how i can determine the correctness of the exercises. Any help would be highly appreciated!


23-Emerald III

I doubt very much if you could measure the energy spent during workout with placing sensors on the TRX alone.
In the exercise with pushups, with one or two feet hanging in the TRX, there is absolutely no way you can measure what the arms are doing by just having TRX measured parameters.

Regarding item 2. How would you define "correctness of the exercise"?


I think i can use IMU sensors to do a profile for each person. Like uber's do with drivers for determine style of driving. But i have no idea about implementation.

To meassure the data of effort, it's a very complex task and situation.

There are so many parameters to be taken into account to make a correct measurement.

The physical work of our body when making sports cannot be compared with the mechanical work.

I can pull a weight og 5kg 20times at a hight of 1m: The calculation of the power which is mechanical done is easy to do, but the bodyworkout is not that easy to calculate (measure).


Yes, I totally agree. That's why I ask for help..
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