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PTC Creo 6.0 Student edition renewal

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PTC Creo 6.0 Student edition renewal


I have the same problem of Mr. Pixner (‎10-28-2020). My license for Creo Student 6.0 is expiring in a few days. Whenever I try to renew it, it says that my account is not verified.

I followed the indications of Mr. Alex_Cazacu but, even if I renew the password, the problem is always the same.

What could be the problem?

Kind regards,

Jacopo Magnani



cliente non verificato = Not verified customer




Are you licensing Free Creo 6.0 Student edition? If so, please send me a private message with your email and I'll send you a license for 70-C9-4E-8B-17-F7 Host ID.




Sorry, I think I have the same question to ask you, what measures should I take next?
The current modeling is halfway through and the file cannot be opened because the student version expires today. I will graduate in June this year. Can I continue to use it? Thank you!



I have the same issue while renewal of my student license.

Could you help me out.





I have the same problem.
I need a new license for 


Thank you 


I also have the same problem, my user can not be verified. Please can you send me a licence? My Host ID: 68-B5-99-F8-76-FD.

Thank you!

BR, Miriam

Hey there, i seem to be having the same problem with my Creo 6.0 Student Version 




could anyone help out? 🙂

Hello Alex, nice to meet you. I need help with this too. License expires in 3 days, on Tuesday the 25th. Please help me out. I wrote you a private message.

i also need license for creo 6.0 student version  

I assume you tried the license renewal from the setup.exe of your installation folder. If not, then run the setup program as if you were installing the prohram, but instead on the PTC Installation Assistant screen just choose "Setup license". Accept and acknowledge the agreements, and in the License Identification use Simple License Entry. In the blank field type in your product code and click Install Licensing. In the popup enter your username and password to verify credibility. That should solve your issues. I have also had some issues with Licensing. I tried several times, and succeeded. 

Hello dradakovic, where can I the installation folder? Is this it? Notice that I have my Creo 6 Student Version installed in a G drive, an external SSD. I made my own Program Files folder and installed Creo there. Thus, there is no "PTC" folder. There is just a "Creo" folder and a "Creo" folder. I open the Creosvcs_64 file and the bottom picture appears. I clicked Repair but it took a while and didn't do anything.

is this it the installation folder.png

is this the setup program.png



I did exactly as suggested by this user and it worked. 

Am writing the steps I followed (which is in fact a repetition of what @dradakovic has said)

1. First moved the existing license file from C:\ProgramData\PTC\Licensing to desktop

2. Double clicked setup.exe from the installation package (If you have not kept the installation package intact from the time when you first installed, just re-download the pack corresponding to the current version you are using and open setup.exe)

3. Once the setup opens, I chose setup license

4. From there I followed what is given in the install pdf (from Step 4)

Voila!! when I now enter the username and password, I no longer get the customer not verified error but instead, my license is renewed and I also instantaneously received the license file to my registered email too.


Hope this helps

I renewed it just now. Everything works fine.

I had the same problem, and this is how I renewed my student license by following the Relicense Guide (ATTACHED).

Hopefully this works for others.


Search in this file path (Note that the path may not be exactly the same):

C:\Program Files\PTC\Creo\Parametric\bin


For this file:



Click on the file once, then right click and Run as Administrator.

If prompted, allow the app to make changes to your device.



Once you see this Introduction page, click next to enter the Licenses Page




On the licenses page, open the Node Locked Licenses drop-down and enter this value: BK800908EDSTUDENTEDUNI


You will then be asked to enter your username and password, and it will install the new license.


Click through everything from there until you are finished and open Creo to test that it will allow you to use it.

Thank you. It works.

This method works as well!


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