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Express 4.0 file to MathCad 3.0 Prime


Express 4.0 file to MathCad 3.0 Prime

How to open MathCad Express 4.0 file in MathCad 3.0 Prime (full academic license) ?


See please

Very simple methods.  Pick 1:

Method 1:

      - find someone with Mathcad 3.0 and Mathcad 4.0 (or newer) and a lot of spare time.

      - Convince them to open the file in 4.0 and type it into 3.0.

Method 2 (preferred by PTC):

     - Buy Prime 4.0

(Can you tell what I'm feeling?)

Better still:

Install prime 4.0 express next to prime 3.0 and open the file yourself.



23-Emerald I

You can install (at no cost!) Prime 4.0 Express.

You get full functionality for 30 days of Prime 4 usage. That includes being able to successfully copy multiple equations at the same time time and paste them, e.g. in this forum. (for Prime 4 express it works only a single equation at a time).

But the copy-paste also works to a previous version of Prime (well, i tried it with Express 3.1 and it works).

I tried it the other way round (copy equations from Prime 3.1 sheet and paste into Prime 4 sheet) results in just pictures, no live equations.

So here's the way to do it:

Install Prime 4.0 express. Copy a single equeation in Prime 4 express and paste it into an empty sheet of Prime 3.0. If that results in an equation rather than a picture you know it should work to Prime 3.0 as well.

Activate your 30-day free license for Prime 4 and copy->paste all equations over.


23-Emerald IV

Don't forget that the worksheet converter will only convert them for the latest version of Mathcad Prime installed.

Check out the latest
Mathcad Tip
"PTC Mathcad 15 / Prime 1-6 Update."