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No reply or receipt from support case?


No reply or receipt from support case?

Hi Everybody,

It seems that I don't get a receipt when I create a new support case. Nor do I get any replies from support people (opened a case last week). Further, when I look in my case tracker I have 0  opened (not 'open' but 'opened') cases last half year. However, I have an old case receipt where I can look-up the number (Cxxxxxx) and view this particular case. This case is still not half year old and believe it should appear in my half year history tracker.

Any idea what could have happened? Thanks!
BR Peter

(I'm writing the Community since I find no other options to contact eSupport - if you know how please inform me)


21-Topaz I

This is always so hard to find on PTC's support page.

23-Emerald IV

A thousand times, yes!!!  Why can't ALL feedback just go through the normal case logger.  So frustrating.

Hi Peter,

Could you please confirm that you can see your active cases on the main eSupport Landing page under "My Active Requests" ? Also, you should receive a confirmation by email when a new case is opened.

In case of lack of response, please use the options within the case to interact with Support Services, including case escalation where response times have not met your expectations.

Coming back to the Case Tracker, this is a tool maintained by my team and is long due a refresh !

One thing I noticed when trying to search with your name was a duplicate entry, which could be causing an issue :


I'll ask our Admins to contact you to merge accounts to your current email address. Expect an email shortly.

Do you see all cases as expected when you run a search under the "Advanced" tab ?