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March 2021 Community Noteworthy Posts

Community Manager

March 2021 Community Noteworthy Posts

Noteworthy March 2021 Posts


Below are the top engaging PTC Community threads for March! See if your community username made this list! Or, read more about a topic that interests you!

1. Creo:  @andrehj    revitalized the 2017 thread started by @hnyström   Export only visible parts from an Assembly asking for help with a “stepfile including many surfaces that are hidden in the part and should not be exported.” Thank you, @TomU  for providing the original Accepted Solution and @kdirth and @ocorten-2  for help with this new inquiry.

2. ThingWorx:  @seanccc started asked Will the event/subscription utilize the ThingWorx cluster?


3. ThingWorx:  @DmitryTsarev  provided an Accepted Solution for  @JulianaGuerra  post about Giving RunTime Permission to all Entities of a Project


4. ThingWorx:  @SO_9699370  inquired about Error for deleting value stream created using CreateThing API in postman


5. Vuforia:  @ClayHelberg  started a conversation about Allowing copy/paste of views (or some other method of duplicating a vew) Thank you @dsgnrClarK and @mwodarz_INNEO


6. Vuforia: @Rudu started Reaper widget without ThingWorx connection post.


7. Vuforia: @KM received advice and referral to an article in the Studio Help Center support article for his question related to Navigate view after all steps finished playing


8. Vuforia:  @NA_nur  started a great conversation about Vuforia Model Target that also highlighted some differences between Vuforia Studio and Vuforia Engine. This is a thread to watch!


9. Vuforia:  @Aouellets  sparked a conversation related to Voice Selection on HoloLens 2


10. Windchill:  @DanielScheidegg  provided links to new support articles that helped with a discussion that carried over from a discussion about Windchill without WindchillDS. There is even information about an upcoming webcast by PTC Product Management with the PTC/USER Technical Committee!

Related PTC Authored Community post here


11. Windchill:  @munruh  started a conversation about Workflow set state
"I have a workflow that is used on almost all of our parts. One of the functions of this workflow is to set the states of the promoted items. It works correctly a majority of the time. Sometimes though, it doesn't.
Thank you,"


12. Windchill: @gkarthikyn  (on Windchill 2.0) started a discussion around Auto Generation of PDF from Windchill Drawing file after promotion request.


13. Arbortext:  @MB_8500855  asked about Searching for a string in an ACL file while using using Arbortext Editor 5.3 to help  @GarethOakes  shared a help article.


14. Arbortext:  @bfriesen started a conversation about Isodraw 2d to 3d Issues with JT files

15. Arbortext:  @xhuang   received an Accepted Solution from  @JeffStevenson  for his error (-103) : Cannot checkout an uncounted license within a Windows Terminal Services guest session.

16. FlexPLM: Thank you   @Lynora_Chew for answering  @schandrasehkar  question posted in Upcoming Webinar: FlexPLM Reporting: How to Use Query Builder webinar post.


17. Windchill SSE:  @AndreyVi  asked about Java API: Traffic, Performance and Memory issues while getting item history.


18. Windchill SSE:  @AndreyVi  is looking for answers to how can HTTP compression be enabled for requested issued through the Java API client library? See more details at PTC Integrity Java API: How to enable HTTP compression?


19. Windchill SSE: A 2016  thread started by @Software   (Ginny) received a lot of views in March! There is also a referral to a help article Is there a way to revert to a previous version of a member in Config Mgmnt.






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