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May 2021 Most Noteworthy Posts!

Community Manager

May 2021 Most Noteworthy Posts!

May 2021 Most Noteworthy Posts! 

Noteworthy April 2021 Posts


Below are the top engaging PTC Community threads for May! See if your community username made this list! Or, read more about a topic that interests you!


1.  Creo:  @VeqTor  revitalized the thread  Is it possible to redefine default coordinate system and change orientation in Creo Parametric started by @dg-2 


Thank you  @sully7 @dschenken @Bogdan @pollyhillsus @Iglamit @BenLoosli @TomU @doneill @Kevin 

@kdirth   for contributing to the thread!


2.  Creo:  @SM_9791973 received an Accepted Solution from @RPN  for the thread How to Export all the Dimensions of the 3D CAD model or CAD assembly in to the excel


Thank you @JB_87049 , TomU , and @SM_9791973 for contributing to the conversation!


 3.  Creo:  The 2016 Mapkey Writing/Edits Tips topic started  by @lhoogeveen  was revitalized by  @BG_9869104 


Thank you @psobejko @Trebla @dgschaefer @drutledge @LawrenceS @tleati @staitinger @tbladt @ggalli 



4.  ThingWorx:  @Sruthi  started the topic Fixed Decimals asking for help with rounding some of the property values to 2 digits after decimal.  @nmilleson  provided the Accepted Solution.


5.  ThingWorx:   @AC_9552412  asked about Geometry and Drawing Libraries from Google Maps


6.  ThingWorx:   @svisveswaraiya  received great feedback and ideas on how to establish

 connection between PTC Windchill and ThingWorx platform?  Thank you, @HemalathaMsk for participating in the thread.


7.  ThingWorx:  @sarjasalc  received assistance for his post Thingworx 9.1 auto-refresh function doesn´t work for contained mashups

 @uyngvesson  Thank you for joining the conversation!


8.  ThingWorx:   @LR_9796586  asked How to set a seed for ThingWorx analytics models


9.  Vuforia:  @Stefano  received an Accepted Solution from @dsgnrClarK  for his inquiry around How to manage multiple languages in an experience


10.  Vuforia:  @Stefano  asked How to include a .json file from Vuforia Studio resources


11.  Vuforia:   @JG_9931924   received an Accepted Solution from  @whity  for Vuforia Trial Publishing Error


 12.  Vuforia:   @Adrian_G.  asked How to Change Model when 3D button is clicked


13.  Vuforia:  @dsgnrClarK  asked How to get the camera picture with HoloLens?


14.  Windchill:  @khimani_mohiki  asked  WTDocument primary content delete on Revise?  The problem we have at the moment is the file itself has the version in the file name i.e. 123456_v1.s19 but when the Document is revised it carries the primary content forward, so we end up a document revision and primary content revision not matching. Thank you,  @mmeadows-3   and  @d_graham  for contributing to the thread!


Windchill:   @Henrik_F  received an Accepted Solution from @Ajit_Kulkarni   for the Publishing drawings to pdf stopped working


Thank you,  @sconroy and @berny2U for adding to the conversation!


15.  Arbortext:  @Tusken_Raider started a discussion about Using HTTPS/SSL to connect to Arbortext Publishing Engine


Thank you @DmitryTsarev   @rl  @bfriesen for participating!

16.  Arbortext: @Darquise  asked a question about Generating index on large document


@GarethOakes   contributed!


17.  Arbortext:  @RZ_9374407 found a post from 1999! Maintenance Renewal for ADEPT 7.0.1 and received information from PTC about renewals!


18.  Windchill SSE:   @wcatunda-2  inquired about Message: system clipboard data unavailable


19.  Windchill SSE:  @ptc-4816166  asked How to add multi-line "Work Description" using CLI?


20.  Windchill SSE: In May, @kthierer bumped up the si co without a sandbox created before is possible? Question originally started by  @MW_8240570

21.  Windchill SSE:  @ryan_yamamoto  asked about Import excel file using Integrity 11.2


22.  Mathcad:  @ValeryOchkov  started the Parabola and Catenary with all its formulas, graphs, and engagement. Great discussion!


23.  Mathcad: @saadhere  started a great discussion around Mathcad Prime 5.0.0: Subscripts in Text Blocks


24.  Mathcad: Great conversation related to Mathcad vs Python started by @ValeryOchkov


25.  Mathcad: Last month  @Babard38 revitalized a 2010 post with a “book review” Node List Tolerance Analysis: Enhancing SPICE Capabilities with Mathcad


26.  Mathcad: Great conversation related to Mathcad vs Python started by  @ValeryOchkov





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