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PTC Community Monthly Stand-Out December 2022

Community Manager

PTC Community Monthly Stand-Out December 2022


See the Top Community Engagers and the Top Noteworthy posts for the month of December.


Top December 2022 Community Engagers: 


@Werner_E   @HelesicPetr   @avillanueva  @VladimirN @MartinHanak  @ttokoro  @LucMeekes  @Shashi_Preetham @TomU  @KenFarley  @EdvinTailwind  @Dale_Rosema @jensc @ValeryOchkov      @StephenW @BenLoosli  @OnurNalbantoglu @Eike_Hauptmann @Dayna_M  @AlfredFlaßhaar





Below are some of the top engaging or most viewed PTC Community topic threads for December 2022!  See if your community username made this list!  Or, read more about a topic that interests you!


1.  Creo:  @J10119210  asked how to pain the part at the asembly or sub-assembly level so that its color is also automatically.  Great contributions by @StephenW @kdirth @EdvinTailwind  @MartinHanak @Patriot_1776 @KenFarley


2.  Creo:  @MH_10366957 received an accepted solution from @ysinitsyn for topic  Toolkit Scripts Receiving failed to start error  @MartinHanak @FV and @MH_10366957 thank you for participating in the conversation!


3. Creo:  An interesting conversation with @XDN  @StephenW and @KenFarley around Gear teeth and spline hub shaft


4.  Creo: "h" has a "Master Project" and needed help with Modal Analysis of press fit shaft hub assembly and received an accepted solution from @skunks


5.  Creo: A question about Tracking down a circular reference was posted by @AE_9609989 and an Accepted Solution was provided by @tbraxton !  Thank you for contributing to the conversation.  @drieffel  @pausob  @StephenW


6.  ThingWorx:  @nmutter gave an Accepted Solution to   @twxadmin  for the topic  How to solve below two errors in thingworx? Also if someone can explain root cause of it. @VladimirN and @slangley thank you for your contributions!


7.  ThingWorx: The topic Filter queries was posted by @jensc and an accepted solution provided by @TravisPickett   Thank you  @PravinDriven for contributing to the thread!



8.  ThingWorx:  .  @VladimirN provided a speedy response and Accepted Solution to the inquiry by @AS_1307   about Developer Portal Guides


9.  ThingWorx@BS_10420068 needed help with ThingWorx flow 9.3.4 install error @PaiChung @slangley @TravisPickett


10.  ThingWorx:  @TanmeyTWX posted the topic Terminate/End SSO user session Logout  and received an Accepted Solution from @nmutter @PaiChungthank you for participating in the conversation!


11.  Vuforia:  @AndreaT shared a post about Reporting on Studio 9.8    AmandaZupfer and @VladimirN


12. Vuforia: @Martini3119  posted a topic about Vuforia Studio-Dark Mode/reduce eyestrain @sdidier

thank you for sharing this idea with the product team!


13.  Windchill: @Dobi posted the topic CAD worker fails to start  and received an Accepted Solution by @avillanueva Thank you for participating  @Ajit_Kulkarni    @VishwasAnantwar and @rhart 



14.  Windchill:  @Sha11 asked if it is possible to attach a PDF document to a WTPart and received an Accepted Solution from @avillanueva Thank you,  @HelesicPetr for participating in the conversation. 

15.  Windhill:  @ScottGivens asked about Deleting older versions of Creo files in Windchiill 11.1 PDMLink (M020, CPS 13) with an Acccepted Solution by @BenLoosliThank you, @Ajit_Kulkarni and @MikeLockwood for participating!


16.  Windchill:  @Sha11 asked about Calculating an attribute onchage of another attribute and @BjoernRueegg provided an Accepted Solution!  @joe_morton and @rhart thank you for participating in the conversation. 


17.  Windchill@AI_10204028 had an Installation problem-Windchill 11.2 inquiry  @SWeiler_9940261 delivered an Accepted Solution. Thank you @BenLoosli and @avillanueva for participating!


18.  Mathcad:  @AlfredFlaßhaar posted the topic Van Roomen's problem and @LucMeekes provided the Accepted Solution!


19.  Mathcad: @ttokoro tried to stump the Mathcad Community with the post How to solve an entrance exam of Japanese Private Junior High School    @ppal @Werner_E @Fred_Kohlhepp @LucMeekes @DJE @ppal  thank you for playing!


20.  Windchill SSE:@SA_10491108 asked about Import .SAV file into PTC Integrity Moddeler v8.5a

@MangeshDevraj and provided an Accepted Solution.


21. Arbortext: @dgopois  asked about Using ACL, How to replace the string "and" by the character ampersand (&) and @RickSchoenprovided the Accepted Solution.


22.  Arbortext:  @RickSchoen posted the topic Some Unicode Characters Don't Display in PDF  Thank you @GarethOakes for your input!














































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