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Batch File and


Batch File and

Howdy Gurus,

We start Pro/E using batch files and desktop short cuts. The batch files copy the, config.sup and files over to the users desktop machines into there ****\text directory. (example: E:\ptc\proewildfire4\text). The and config.sup files update and copy over just fine, but the files do not. This file has been confusing, so we have been working around this by just physically copy/pasting into the preset working directories. Below is the text from the batch file, does anyone see where we are going wrong? Mostly what we update on the file are new mapkeys.

echo Copying Config.sup
copy I:\Engineering\Drawings\ProE_Defaults\configs\Design_Engineer_Configs\config.sup E:\ptc\proeWildfire4\text\config.sup
echo Copying
copy I:\Engineering\Drawings\ProE_Defaults\configs\Design_Engineer_Configs\ E:\ptc\proeWildfire4\text\
echo Copying
copy I:\Engineering\Drawings\ProE_Defaults\configs\Design_Engineer_Configs\ E:\ptc\proeWildfire4\text\
echo Copying com_splash.gif
Copy I:\Engineering\Drawings\ProE_Defaults\configs\splash_screens\com_splash.gif E:\ptc\proeWildfire4\text\resource\com_splash.gif

call E:\PTC\proeWildfire4\bin\proe.exe



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In principle, copying the file is OK.

The possible problem is, that the file in question has to be created starting from nothing:

  1. remove all files from <proe>/text and the working directory.
  2. start ProE and make Your changes, save the, to the working directory by default.
  3. move the newest version from the working directory to Your template folder.
  4. again, remove all files (as in 1.)

Then You can copy it to <proe>/text at startup. Make sure, it's the only one there. Remember, also has a version index, if multiple copies exist.

When changing the template, proceed as above, but after 1. (and before 2.) copy the template to the working directory. Then start ProE.

Users still can change the, which will then be stored in the working directory. This may not always work well when the template was changed, be aware of that.

BTW: We use that process for years now without major problems.

Because the is indexed like regular Pro/E files
(,, etc.), automatically copying them can be
tricky since the file name changes each time you save.

Changing '' in your batch file to '*' will help,
but if your company is number 5 and the user changes and
saves a new in the text folder with number 6 or higher, then
even though your files copy, they won't get used because they are of a
lower index number.

When we implemented a company, I did some experimentation and
determined that '' is the highest index number that
Pro/E will create. My memory is a little fuzzy on how this happens, but
Pro/E will also create '', perhaps at the same time. I
do know that the '' file is the one that is read and
used. You need to have both in your directory, however, so we keep both
files, identical copies of each other, in our server config location and
copy them over to the text folder at launch.

Now I know that the that will load from the text folder is
our company file and not a user's file (those load later).

Doug Schaefer
Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer
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