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Changing text size on drawing


Changing text size on drawing

Hello. I am having a dickens of a time with my default settings on the drawing portion.

Any tips on how to set the default setting to 0.1400 and keep that as my default?

As of now, I am able to select the inital text and resize, but it's time consuming.

Thanks, J

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There is a different config file for the drawings. It can be called <anything>.dtl.

You can also set which file to use and where to find it through

drawing_setup_file C:\<etc>\<etc>\CAD_Lib\Detail_config\My_Config.dtl


text_height 0.156250

text_thickness 0.012000

text_width_factor 0.800000


The difference between the and config.dtl is that normally only has unique entries. config.dtl has all the entries. You can export the default .dtl file directly from Creo.

File>Prepare>Drawing Properties>Detail Options>change... this will bring up the dialog similar to the config option for

Does this apply to Creo Schematics? I don't have File>Prepare>Drawing Properties>Detail Options>change. I've got File>Pack, File>Unpack, File>Import, and File>Export.

Never used Creo Schematics myself. Each application from PTC has its own settings dialog.

Would hate to have similarities across platforms.

Oh, but... they all have the same ribbon tied around them

Sorry, Justin and Joe, because of Antonius and I this thread is going to pieces.