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D3D vs OpenGL?


D3D vs OpenGL?

I just noticed in Menso's post on curve display in Creo 2 that Direct3D support is available.

Has anyone done any performance testing between D3D and OpenGL. For a good 20 years OpenGL has been the gold standard. Is it still?

David Haigh
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Based on his reply, I just did. Setting 'graphics d3d' in my config
resulted in Creo not starting at all. I got a splash screen and an
error file, that's it.

So, based on my 'testing', OpenGL is infinitely better that d3d. 😄

Doug Schaefer
Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

I think games are optimized for D3D while CAD software is optimized for OpenGL.

Maybe I am wrong but this has been the case in the past. Most high end Professional Graphics cards are based on OpenGL for this very reason.

Then again, I could be wrong on this. 🙂

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