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Editing old Excel with new Excel tables in drawings


Editing old Excel with new Excel tables in drawings


We switched to Office 2007 months (1 year?) ago. We know there are
issues with simply mapping in embedded Excel files into drawings. We got
around this by importing as real Pro/E table. I don't recall all the

Now...we are opening older Pro/E drawings that we did insert the old
Excel data into. We are finding that Excel 2007 is terminating itself.
Therefore we can not edit the embedded info.

It would make sense that if we had trouble bring them in would now give
us trouble editing the old. I suppose.

Anyone come across this yet? Have a fix?

We are on wf 4.0, M110 running on Vista 64 bit machines (if you need
more detail I can provide).


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Ok I thought this was new to Creo so I never mentioned it, but today I saw it act differently for a moment. In the old days of WF4 I could pull up a drawing and double click on a table block in the format or BOM or rev block and it would begin editing. That was fine and what I was use to it, I liked it. Since the change to Creo it had seemed to be different. We have been getting this pop up.

It was all acceptable as I thought this was somehow new functionality or lack thereof but it was consistent as every new drawing had this. We were sucking it up and dealing with it. Then today I pulled up an old drawing and duplicated it to make a new part number. I pull up this newly created duplicate and clicked in the table to change dates and other stuff and low an behold I did not get this pop up. I thought our admin team had put through an update that cured this, but I was mistaken. It turns out after I saved the drawing and then opened it later I got the pop ups back. What gives, does anyone else have this? Is there some setting to get rid of it? I do not really want to have to use the Alt key every time I wish to change something in a table. I believe it does it for other things too, like changing the scale on a detail view and maybe even selecting and moving a view and or cross hatch changes.

Why can't we all just get along????


I will try and explain this quickly...

PTC was concerned that we were not fully engaged in our work so they made sure that we get our right hand involved. Just keep your "hotkey" hand a little more busy by holding down the Alt key when wanting to use an action on a different ribbon tab than the current one you have selected. For the example you stated, you could also switch to the "Table" tab and you don't have to hold down Alt for table functionality.

Yeah for changes!

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