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Embedded Mozilla Browser issue


Embedded Mozilla Browser issue

Hi all,

Due some internal decisions, all of our users had to upgrade to IE11. Since it is not supported as of yet, we had to fail over to the embedded Mozilla browser. The embedded Mozilla browser works well, with one exception:

Regularly, but not consistantly, when the users click on their "Workspace", the embedded browser page is blank.

Has anyone had the same problem? We have ~50 people running into this, and PTC has not been able to come up with anything that would point us toward a resolution.

Currently, the workaround is to go into the Browser Options and clear the embedded browser cache (option existing only for the embedded Mozilla browser).

We are on both Creo 2.0 M060 and Creo Elements Pro 5 M190, with Windchill 10.1 M040.


I have put this code in our Creo launch batch file and we never see the blank browser page in Mozilla:

rem clear Mozilla local cache to prevent corruption if xtop.exe is not running
tasklist /FI "IMAGENAME eq xtop.exe" /FO TABLE > search.log
FOR /F %%A IN (search.log) DO IF %%A NEQ INFO: goto skip
rmdir /S /Q "%appdata%\PTC\.ptcm1912\ptc-browser\Cache"
del search.log

By deleting the cache at this level a saved password is kept.

The code around the rmdir is to not clear the cache if a user launches a second Creo session.

Yes, we have seen the same thing and are also looking for a solution.  Surprising is that your post is 2 years old and this problem still exists.  We tested it as high as M160, I loaded Creo 2 M200 and will test that now,  but if they embed this browser with the program you would think it should work? I wonder how widespread the issue is or do we have some particular setup causing it.