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G code conversion method and option module


G code conversion method and option module

I am using Creo Parametric Release 6.0 and Datecode6.0.6.0
This is Hong Cheol-min, deputy manager of Fuzzy System Technology Department. It is said that G-code is manually created and used for processing on equipment using modeling or drawings created in Creo.
1) Please check if there is an option module that can convert G code or utilize it.
2) Whether or not to automatically update when modeling is modified Reference: Example image related to G code
thank you - Hong Chul-min Compensation -


Translated the below subject and Description from Korean to English using Google translate on 22.11.2022 at 8:55am IST by vnamboodheri
Subject: G코드 변환방법 및 옵션모듈
Description: 안녕하세요.
퍼지시스템 기술부 홍철민 차장 입니다.
Creo에서 생성한 모델링 또는 도면을 활용해서 장비에서 가공을 위해서 G코드를 수동으로 만들어서 사용한다고 합니다.
1)G코드 변환이나 활용할수 있는 옵션모듈이 있는지 확인부탁 드립니다.
2)모델링 수정시 자동 업데이트 여부
참고 : G코드 관련 예시 이미지

- 홍철민 배상 -


I am not sure what you are asking, but maybe I can guess?

(1) If using Creo manufacturing, you use your Creo model(s) to define the part you want to make and often the part (or block) you are making it from. You define a set of sequences to cut the surfaces of the part, drill holes, etc. Creo will output these sequences, usually grouped together into what it calls an "operation" as a program file (.ncl). This program file is not, as far as I know, useful for any machine. To be able to use that program to drive a CNC machine, like a 3 axis mill, it needs to be converted to G-code, with a post-processor. The post-processor is only used for a specific brand (like Matsuura, Heidenhaim, etc.) and model of CNC machine. Every machine has its own special format and requirements for the G-code it uses. G-code is very similar from machine-to-machine, but there are a lot of specific settings and codes that have to be right for the program to work.

(2) If you make changes to the Creo model you usually can create the .ncl file again, post-process it, and it should be okay. If you make major changes, like add another hole, or cut a pocket, you will have to add or change sequence definitions to make the program create the correct new part geometry. The G-code is not automatically updated to show the new changes.

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