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Installing Creo 2.0 on second computer


Installing Creo 2.0 on second computer

Trying to install Creo Parametric 2.0 for a colleague (let's assume Aydee). Aydee is already using Creo on his work laptop, but it is slow, for the work he does. Very slow. I and Aydee would like for him to try Creo on a desktop computer, and see if it runs faster than on his laptop. The software installation is asking for a license. Should I enter the PTC Host ID for Aydee's laptop?


I have my license on the laptop, so I can use it after hours as I am on 24/7 call, but like you I found it to slow for day to day operation.

My main PC IS 64 BIT , so I can make use of the full memory, 32bit is restricted to 3g

When you set it up and it asks for the license, you need to point it at the laptop name that has the license file, it should find it and return 7788@ "pc name".

As long as the laptop is running and only one version of Creo is open, it shouldn't be an issue

Please see attached image, for the license prompt. What should I click on, to browse for the license?

You need to click in the source feild and type in the 7788@ "pc-name", or enter the the path to the license file


it should then come back as the following


and that is all you need to do, so find out the host name of the laptop and add it after 7788@

and it should work

Was told your suggestion works for floating licenses. I have a locked license. Looks like I will need to purchase a new license for the desktop.

I am not sure about this, but I think you can request a change from a locked license to a floating license.

You might want a good idea of what the requirements are for the license server.

If this is indeed allowed (and I don't know why not), a Support technician should be able to walk you through the process. They are very helpful since the license manager is very good at picking up the wrong network adapter and making the whole process a nightmare. They once helped me change the Windows registry file to make sure the right NIC card was always addressed by the LM.

You can ask PTC to move locked license from laptop to destop. BUT after this step you are not allowed to continue using locked license on laptop.

If you bought locked Creo Parametric you cannot ask PTC to send you floating license. Locked Creo Parametric and floating Creo Parametric have different ORDER ITEM number.

Martin Hanak

Martin Hanák
23-Emerald III

This is where that dongle suggestion would come in handy. Just plug the dongle into one computer or the other and the "fixed" license work.

That is possible to do these days, have a micro computer that runs the server software......a server on a stick..

Dongle = USB network card.

Martin Hanák

Has this been done successfully?  Seems like a better option than using a laptop as a server.  The var tells me they have never heard of this option.

I were you , I will buy another license .It is not expensive at all

I hate illegal software so much . Every software I use is legal

Windows 7

MS office 2010



and more


The answer is yes, you can install onto a USB network card.  Works fine.

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