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Mass Properties


Mass Properties

I have a part that is made of Kydex T has the density listed as 1.35 g/cc, in Wildfire 4.0 I have my units set to millimeter Kilogram Sec (mmKs).

If I go to Mass Props and set the Density 1.35 am I going get the correct values for the Mass? ( so far I don't think so)

Is there a option to turn off the scientific notaion in the Mass Properties dialogue box?

Does anybody have any ideas?


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Hi Steve,
You can fiddle till you get the right answer or you can set your Kydex T up
as a material and set the density in there. This is a more robust method.
Once you have made the material apply it to your part and you should see
accurate results from a mass query.

Hope this helps.

Regards, Brent Drysdale
Senior Mechanical Designer
Tait Radio Communications
New Zealand
DDI +64 3 358 1093

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