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New to CREO 2.0


New to CREO 2.0

First of all, I've used ProE since version I'm familiar and have enjoyed using the software for years. A few years back the company I work for merged with another and so we ended up using Solidworks. Even though my day-to-day tasks center around SW, we still have some legacy files that require ProE. As of recent, we upgraded to CREO 2.0...and honestly not sure what PTC was thinking. Just my 2 cents, the interface is horrible, don't care for the color scheme and the lack of modification.  I had Wildfire 4.0 all worked out with icon placement, color scheme and mapkeys making CAD life a breeze. Since we were not trained on CREO, I am having a little difficulty learning the new interface. I figure in time I will get it.


I am learning what I can via YouTube and PTC University Learning Exchange but need to focus on the fundamentals.  Any tutorial recommendations for the following:


  • CONFIG Setup
    General interface setup


Thanks in advance.



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your WF configs should, for the most part, transfer right over into Creo.  what doesn't will reflect in your std.out file  If you need something different, most likely you can search for an answer here.

Most of my mapkeys transferred also.  Some I did have to modify.  defunct mapkeys are also shown in the std.out file

Best help I can offer: if you are looking for a command, select the magnifying glass in the top right of the window, start typing in the command in the box provided.  As you type, the available commands begin to diminish until there is minimal results or none.  if you hover over a result, it will highlight where this command can be found.  An item like "mapkey" does not exist in the menu but you can add it if so desired.  As you get to use it, it will become easier.

The config setup between WF4 & Creo is the same as far as locations and how they are read.  The config editor in Creo is a bit clunky.  IN fact, if you are familiar with editing your config files in a text editor, I'd carry on doing that. I only use the config editor to find options.

Mapkeys will be hit or miss, but recording new ones is just like you've done in the past, once you find the mapkey command.

There is no more, all UI mods get stored in a file named "creo_parametric_customization.ui" that's stored deep in your Windows user profile (by default).  It gets created and updated automatically when you change the quick launch menu or customize the ribbon, I believe.  Right click on the ribbon, the quick launch menu (above the ribbon) or the shortcut menu in the graphics area for options.

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