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Skeleton Error

21-Topaz II

Skeleton Error

WF4, M100

* I have an assy with a single skeleton file.
* The skeleton was created in that assy, not another.
* The assy once had a second skeleton, but now does not.
* The skeleton is not assembled by 'default', but is instead after
the 3 default datum planes and assembled with 3 plane alignment

In the config file for this client, I have set
'multiple_skeletons_allowed' to 'yes'. If, however, the client config
is not loaded for some reason, Pro/E will tell me that I have an invalid
or second skeleton and I need to remove it. Of course, removing the
skeleton pretty much hoses the assy. Not cool.

I had removed the second skeleton to avoid this error. I don't want my
clients having to deal with this if they don't have the option set.
However, it seems that I still need it, best that I can tell, due to the
no-default position of the skeleton.

Is this correct functionality? Is there any other way around this
besides using default placement for the skeleton?

Doug Schaefer

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Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer
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