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This might be old hat....WF4 crash


This might be old hat....WF4 crash


For some time now I have had the notion that WF4 was less stable than WF3, WF5 and that order. Since I was not using WF4 consistenly I would experience a crash pretty much every time I used it and merely chalked it up to silly ghosts in the machine. I justrestarted and went on my merry way.

However, now that I have had an opportunity (lol..opportunity) to work WF4 regularly for the last few months I am getting a feeling that something is indeed wrong and it seems to be occuring on a "regular" timeline. It seems to me that about 2.5 - 3 hours in, I get tossed out. It does not matter where I am in the menu picks, part, model, drawing or even computer....suddenly I find the magic Pro/E exit button.

It's like the old "core dump" as if the "Pro/E cup runneth over" and says...BuhBye!

Am I crazy?

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Wildfire 4 had a very unique feature built into it that lets you know when it's time to take a coffee break. The programmers over at PTC worked for a long time on developing an algorithm that took into account such variables as the frequency of a user's mistakes, the amount of time the user just sits and stares at the model without doing anything to it, the amount of time a user would spend composing an inane email to the PTC User forum, and the jitteriness of the user's hand on the mouse.

WF4 M030 had the "Auto-Break" feature settings a little too sensitive, and Pro/E would crash after about 45 minutes. Subsequent builds have improved the algorithm to the point where it's about 2 ½ to 3 hours between recommended coffee breaks. That's probably what you're running into.

I hope this helps.


Hi Dean,

Putting all Cynicism aside... WF4 is rather stable. I use to work on it for
days without a single crash and the same is true with my clients.
All that above is true when dealing with Pro/Engineer without any special
customizations, self-developed applications and without PDMLink.
According to my personal experience, the main causes for Pro/Engineer
crashes are related to PDMLink; especially the mysterious ones when ProE
exits without any reason on a schedule. Usually they are related to loss of
connection to a server.
Another server related issue could be the loss of license for floating
modules. Usually it should not cause crashes, as ProE has a "graceful" way
to exit with the dreaded "License lost" dialog box, but we have encountered
cases when ProE got "stuck" and the users had to exit the program forcibly
through the task manager.
Do you use any third party program to manage ProE data? Do you have any self
developed Pro/Toolkit/JLink/Weblink application that has to reach out to a
remote server? If none of the above is true, Please take a look at the
performance of your PDMLink server, I have a feeling that the problem would
be found there.

Hope it helps

All the best

Uriel Avron
Harmonic Systems Ltd.

It is probably due to some of the customization that exists within the environment. Unfortunately I am not in a position to affect too much change.

thanks for the insight.

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