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hyd hose w/ different routings


hyd hose w/ different routings

we have a hyd hose assembly thathas a fixed link with a single part number. it is used in different locations with different route paths.

i can't figure out how to route the same asembly p/n along different paths. has anyone out there done this type of configuration before?

i'm sure someone has. any help would be great.

thanks for your time.

John Richardson

Sr. Designer


Dulles, VA

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Hi John,

I have dealt with this many times.

The "PTC suggested" solution is a workaround.

Basically, after the first routing, you need to create an "_1" routing
and so on.

I have an alternative that I am toying with.

What if you routed to a set of points that were table driven?

Then you had multiple instances in your family table.

X, Y, and Z dimensions for each point would be dimensions in your table.

It would require some effort of course, all dependent on how badly

you wanted your routings to be legitimately related. You could name

family table instances after the application. Let me know what you end
up doing.

Thanks much,

Frederick Burke

Avionics Installations Engineer

Fire Scout VTUAV - Unmanned Systems

Northrop Grumman Corporation


858-618-7186 (FAX)

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