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Regarding Directory Services


Regarding Directory Services


I am trying to configure Directory Services in Thingworx and AD service in AWS EC2. Even, thingworx is running in the same server but i am getting error like,

'Authentication attempt #1 FAILED for [user = Administrator]: Invalid Password".

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>

<Entities build="33" majorVersion="5" minorVersion="0" revision="2" schemaVersion="773">


  <DirectoryService className="" description="Wipro Flex Thingworx Directory Service" documentationContent="" enabled="false" homeMashup="" lastModifiedDate="2014-08-20T17:20:39.620-04:00" name="WiproFlex" priority="1" tags="">

  <Owner name="Administrator" type="User"/>














  <ConfigurationTable description="LDAP Settings" isMultiRow="false" name="LDAPProxyConfiguration" ordinal="0">



  <FieldDefinition aspect.defaultValue="389" baseType="NUMBER" description="LDAP Server port" name="port" ordinal="0"/>

  <FieldDefinition aspect.defaultValue="uid=admin,ou=system" baseType="STRING" description="LDAP Distinguished Name to use when binding" name="adminBindDN" ordinal="0"/>

  <FieldDefinition baseType="PASSWORD" description="LDAP administrative password" name="adminPassword" ordinal="0"/>

  <FieldDefinition aspect.defaultValue="ou=people" baseType="STRING" description="User Base DN" name="userBaseDN" ordinal="0"/>

  <FieldDefinition aspect.defaultValue="localhost" baseType="STRING" description="LDAP Server" name="server" ordinal="0"/>

  <FieldDefinition aspect.defaultValue="uid" baseType="STRING" description="LDAP user id attribute to match when looking up a user" name="userIdAttribute" ordinal="0"/>
















  <![CDATA[<Directory Server IP>]]>



  <![CDATA[User Name]]>










Configuration File Attached.

21-Topaz II

The message seems to say that the User name / Password you provided is incorrect.

You are pointing to a 'node' in AD and are using a permitted User/pwd within that node and its children correct?

Are you sure there are no special characters in the password which LDAP can't handle? For instance, colons almost always cause issues.