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Cad to display on blank background


Cad to display on blank background

In vuforia studio to view the AR cad you need a camera with a target to place the cad. Is there a way to display the cad on a plain background rather than on a camera image? I have noticed other apps made with unity display the cad model on a plain background on a fixed point a bit like when viewing the cad in creo view. I want a app page displaying cad but without using the camera image.


thanks in advance




I"m not quite sure what you mean by a camera image.  I"m guessing you mean some sort of printed target like a ThingMark or an Image Target.  If you just want to place the model on a surface, then you can use a Spatial target.  If you've got a really old device you won't be able to use it.


You should look at the sample project that comes with Studio for an example:


Annotation 2019-09-16 102430.png


You should also look at the tutorials in the help:


And the AR training class in PTCU:


I guess it is "3D mode" and "AR mode".

To my knowledge, Vuforia Studio works with AR mode only.

Yes what I mean is can I have a 3D view in vuforia shown on a plain background (white for example) that I can spin around rather than an AR view which is overplayed on a camera image within an app.

Well you could create a huge white surface as a model and that would probably give you the effect that you're after, but this isn't really the point of Vuforia View.  It's purpose is to show information overlaid on a live view of the world - that's my understanding of the definition of AR.  If you just want to look at a model on a plain background, then there are probably other apps for doing that.

Hi @DaveRogers1 ,


so far, I see you want to use the Vuforia Studio as viewer of 3d File. I think for such usage there are some application which provides more functionality  like Creo View or other viewers which understand the pvz format but also other formats … step, iges etc..

But depending on your applications case and what you want to display here you  can use the Vuforia view for some cases. But it will always  will show the camera because you need to determine the position of your model in the real world

For example, you can use the spatial target where you need to select for the model a surface for the position and then use the handles for rotating, scaling or moving of you project. Additionally you can use slider for such operation like move , scale … . OK you have a wall behind you model which will give the impression as mention that there is no camera… but I do not think that this is a good idea.

I is possible is also to use some further Vuforia feature e.g. shading to get some functionality like clipping (here , please see this post "Section view or Clipping of model display in Vuforia Studio" )

There is also an option to call the project in preview mode, which may be could be helpful in your code. The syntax of the URL is <ExperineceServiceServerURL>/ExperienceService/content/projects/<PROJECTNAME>/indes-desktop.html?expIndes=0/<VIEWNAME>

example of usage:

This will show the experience with all features without camera in the mobile browser app:



I have a question: is there a way to see your models in 1:1 scale with Vuforia View?

Because I think a useful aplication could be for checking if your model fits in a real space, so it would be nice that vuforia view could give you the model in 1:1 scale having in mind your current perspective of your camera. Is this possible?


Thank you very much

This is what it does by default.


When you create a model and have the scale set to 1, then as long as the CAD model that you are loading in as the resource is true size, then when you place it in the world using AR, it will be 1:1 scale.


Hi Allan,

I drew a white floor tile only for testing.

It could be that I am doing something wrong, but sometimes when you put the tile the scale is near 1:1 (a), and sometimes the scale is far from 1:1 (b)


thank you

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