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Can Vuforia pulish to .usdz format ?


Can Vuforia pulish to .usdz format ?

Can Vuforia pulish to .usdz format ?

Copied form a description.

The USDZ file format is used in all iOS Augmented Reality apps, and Apple's development application, ARKit can be used to open and edit the files.


Hi @Erik_Wendelboe ,

so far I know the USDZ format is not supported yet. Also, there are no known plans for implementation.

Because, I do not have experience myself with application of  this format (believe new in ARKIT 2) , therefore I want  to check it more detailed. I see that this is quite new format and therefore maybe it will take some time if this format will be considered for implementation in Studio.

I want to discuss this topic with our development team. , but I need some additional details:

What are your requirements? E.g. :

- You want to open such format in Studio to integrate it in an existing project?


-You want to create form Studio such file?

Another point is : What should be a possible application case for you? Means / in case that such file could be created in studio/ How you want to use this file. e.g. applications etc.

Could you mention some example where the usdz file is successful used in an existing AR applications. Thanks!


Sorry for my late reply.

Thanks for your info, 


I guess one possible solution on current state is to convert the usdz into a FBX file. So you lose the shaders, animation and the entire embedded studio environment. Without tested it yet, you should get a solid (diffuse) coloured model (hopefully kept the structure). 
Does USDZ work by default on the supported versions of android OS?


Just my 2 cents.




(Presales) Senior Technical Consultant @ INNEO Solutions GmbH (Germany)
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