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How to do Multi-user experience in vuforia studio?


How to do Multi-user experience in vuforia studio?



We want to see the AR experience on multiple users i.e.

suppose 4-5 people seeing same AR experience and want to review, So in this if one person operate on viewer then same window should appear to another peoples. i.e. if one people (master) clicked on one step in viewer then on all other devices (connected to the same experience) should get same step.


Which will helps in training. I see this example in Bosch CAP AR module.



Prashant Pandarkar


Hello Pandarkar,


It is a nice feature.

I presume that Product Managers will look that to add it into Vuforia View.


But I presume that to review an Experience made in 3D eyewears all users should have a 3D eyewear.

I don't think a such feature is possible if some users have an experience with a mobile and some other users with 2D or 3D eyewears. 


Best regards,


You might be able to rig up something using Thingworx on the Experience Server to manage the shared state information. For example, the "master" experience could have script code that triggers a Thingworx event or property change when the master clicks a "play" button, and the "child" experiences could have listeners that check for the event or property change and execute a parallel "play" action to keep in sync with the master.


It would require a bit of programming and some Thingworx configuration to track all the important aspects of experience state that should be shared across users.


If you need to have multiple groups viewing experiences at the same time (possibly), then that further complicates things. You would need a more complex data model in Thingworx to keep track of separate states for different "sessions" or "groups", and forming a synchronized group would need some way of identifying which viewers should be synced together.

I've seen a couple of examples from PTC of multi-user AR experiences.


At the HoloLens 2 annoucement at MWC last year, they showed two people viewing the same expereince - one on a HoloLens 2 and one on an iPad.  Not sure how much smoke and mirrors was used but it shows that it's on PTC's radar - whether there's enough demand for this to justify putting it in is the question.  You can view the demo here.


PTC have also shown off a multi-user AR design review application on the floor at LiveWorx that I've seen and had a go with.  In the video (here) you can see how it shows the other person and where they are looking.  This was a working concept, so it may never make it to a product, but again, it shows that it's possible.