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Retrive sequence information from pvz


Retrive sequence information from pvz

Hi everyone, 

for my project I want to be able to retrive all information about the sequence archived in pvz. 

So I want to save all into an array. 


- step description, 

- number of steps, 



Anyone could help me?


I think there are 2 options:

1.)you can try  to extract this information in Studio. For example when you one time call in chrome - to extract the list and to upload it to server:

- on project load  ( e.g. event "modelLoad") you can check the properties:

  • sequence List e.g. :
let mysequenceList=$scope.getWidgetProp('model-1', 'sequenceList'  );
  •  check the json list to find the figrures / sequences
  • set a sequence to the model Widget sequence property  e.g. :
    $timeout(function () {
      $scope.$applyAsync(()=>{$scope.setWidgetProp(modelName, 'sequence',  'resources/Uploaded/'+sequence);});  
  • play the sequences 
    $timeout(function () {angular.element(document.getElementById('model-1')).scope().play();  }, 100)​
  • use some techniques (events to collect the step information)  mentioned in the post
  • go the the next figure
  • saved the object to a repostiry on the thingworx server / or to other web server you can acces

2.)use another tool to extract the figure / sequence data from pvz file outside Studio. The only way I know - is to use a Creo View Toolkit. In the following   posts  is mentioned how to do this (please, see the related post above) but to be able to use such techniques you need to have a valid license for Creo View Toolkit  development or some Creo View Toolkit developer could provide to you an already implemented tool.

Some related link as already metioned:



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