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Transferring an image to twx

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Transferring an image to twx

Good afternoon!
There is a new "camera" widget in vuforia studio, but there is so little description on it.
How can I send an image with this widget in service TWx:
1. What type should be input service TWx?
2. What data type should be a field in the database?
3. Image Date transfers more string to 34000 characters, how to process it and then you can open the image using the links within TWx, or at least to download this picture?


Re: Transferring an image to twx

Hi @DiSiDtwin ,


regarding to the question how to transfer the image data to twx repository .

Following steps could implement a possible option:

1.)  add the twx service for the specific repository thing to the external data section:




2.)  add the following javascript to  send the data to Thingworx repository  path: / pictures





$ = function() {
//sample setting of the parameters  
var TWXmodelID = 'myTWXThing';  var serviceName = 'QueryNumberPropertyHistory';
var parameters = {'propertyName': 'Temp', 'maxItems': 10};

  TWXmodelID =arguments[0];serviceName=arguments[1]; parameters= arguments[2]  
 console.log("$ number of arguments ="+ arguments.length)  
  console.warn(''+TWXmodelID+','+serviceName+','+JSON.stringify(parameters)+');');, serviceName, parameters);
$scope.SaveImageToTwxRepository = function(path, content) {
 $scope.$applyAsync(function() {
     $ ('TestRepository','SaveImage',{"content": content, "path":path} )
               }   ,500 );          
  console.log( "Called -$scope.SaveImageToTwxRepository");
// will save the data to repository path /pictures/last.jpg
 $ function() {

  console.log( "called $scope.SaveImageToTwxRepository!");
// will save the picture data into the imageUrl
   $scope.setWidgetProp('3DImage-1',  'src', $scope.view.wdg['camera-1']['imageUrl']) ;
   //alternative call
// will save the picture image data to the repository
   $scope.SaveImageToTwxRepository('/pictures/last.jpg',  $scope.view.wdg['camera-1']['image'] );  





In the code above the path to save the picture is fixed. When we call it then it add / or override if existing / the /picture/last.jpg

The image property of the camera widget will be used as content for the SaveImage service

The imageUrl property of the camera widget will be assigneed to the  resource property (src) of the 3DImage widget - so that the taken photo will be displayed

This could be done directly by binding e.g.:


or  by js  - something like:

 $scope.setWidgetProp('3DImage-1',  'src', $scope.view.wdg['camera-1']['imageUrl']) ;


3.) add to function  app.takePictureEvent()  to the UI of the camera Picture Taken event:



4.) create a binding for the camera widget property imageUrl to 3DImage resource (src) property . This will have the effect that when you have taken a photo then it will be displayed on the 3DImage. Also via the UI js Box it will call the app.updatePicture() function - where the  data will be send to the Thingworx repository


5.) when we test it in the preview mode  - we will have some thing like this:




6.) go to TWX to check if the data was sent: Here we can call  the repository service LoadImage( path = /pictures/last.jpg )  - When we test it - we can see the picture which was sent to TWX:




 7.) If the experience should be used without credentials in this case we need also to set the permission of the service SaveImage for the es-public-access group:


Re: Transferring an image to twx

added here simple project which should demonstrate the points from the previous post.

In the example I used also the LoadImage service to get the data from repostitory and display it in a image widget

Re: Transferring an image to twx

Hi, @RolandRaytchev 


I wonder what's the difference between these two function declaration?

$scope.funcOne = function (){


$ = function(){


What are pros and cons of each of them?

Thanks in advance.

Re: Transferring an image to twx

The $scope exposes the function to studio. My approach is to do


var myvar ;


// Local functions

myLocalHelperFunction = function() {

// doing something 

  myvar = 10;



//Exposed function 


$scope.Myfunction = function () {

 // call local function

    myLocalHelperFunction ();



If  you use the app from example 

$  = function {

  myLocalHelperFunction ();



You have to call it via studio using app.MyFunction()


where you add a function is based on its visibility either at $scope or at app 

if no $scope it will be a local

$scope its exposed to Studio via the JS execution event

$ you will have to use app.MyFunction() in the Studio via the JS execution event. 


My pattern is to only expose functions to studio that are being used -

Not all function need to be exposed via  $scope 

Also it seems when using Hololens the approach to define using $ for your functions has become a standard.

Re: Transferring an image to twx

Hi, @sgreywilson 


Thanks alot.

It's great to know that $ has became a standard for Hololens usage.

Re: Transferring an image to twx

Great! Thank you very much for your help, everything works.


For some reason, when changing the repository, an error appears. That is, I created a repository the same as in your example: "Test Repository" and tested it - everything is OK!
I also created another repository with the name "EAM_Media" - and changed this name in the lines:


$scope.SaveImageToTwxRepository = function(path, content) {
  $scope.$applyAsync(function() {

         $ ('EAM_Repository','SaveImage',{"content": content, "path":path} )
                               }  ,500 );
   myInfoMsg( "Called -$scope.SaveImageToTwxRepository");


In this case, an error immediately appears: "$ number of arguments = 3" and the image is not saved to the repository.


Tell me, what is the reason for this?


Re: Transferring an image to twx

I am not sure but in some cases  the char"_" could lead to issue when used in javaScript variable names

But when I see the code -  as you mention -  your TWX Thing (which use the FileRepository template) has the name "'EAM_Media"

If we follow this then the the the code should be some thing like:


scope.SaveImageToTwxRepository = function(path, content) {
  $scope.$applyAsync(function() {

         $ ('EAM_Media','SaveImage',{"content": content, "path":path} )
                               }  ,500 );
   myInfoMsg( "Called -$scope.SaveImageToTwxRepository");


and not EAM_Repository.

Also you have to add the Thing EAM_Media and the method SaveImage to the External data section in studio and have to set the TWX permission of this method correctly so that it could be access by Studio

Re: Transferring an image to twx

Just as an aside I use a different approach to service execution


For example


var TWXmodelID = 'IOTFolder'
        var serviceName = 'SaveImage'
        var parameters = {'path': '/'+fileNameInput+'.png''content' : PNGBASE64STRING}; serviceNameparameters)



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