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external data use in java script


external data use in java script

I am trying to visualize the 3D image using external data.
Take the picture below, for example.
If Fan1's LightOn value is 1, then image is visible, if 0 then hide it.

I want to mark two objects with one value.
When value is 0, A image is visible and B image is hide.
When value is 1, A image is hide and B image is visible.
How do I implement this as java scrip?



You can use State Based formatting for that value. and you can do it without JS.

You have to create state defination in Thingworx and bind it to the respective value.

9C41AB3B.PNGVuforia StudioVuforia Studio

 You can use this method.

Swapnil More

Hi @ccss1 ,

So far I understand the problem :

- you have one value / e.g. parameter or external data coming e.g. from thingworx

and this value should means e.g. for modelItem-1 visible but for model-2 hide and/ or  wide versa ,

This could be achieved by filter.

here I took for example an app parameter :




So when I set here the parameter via Input widget to 0 - this will blank modelItem-1 and will display modelItem-2

And when I set it to 1 then this will display modelItem-1 and will blank modelItem-2 



filter modelItem-1
if(value == '1')
  return 1
else return 0;

filter modelItem-2
if(value == '1')
  return 0
else return 1;



I created bindings between the parameter TEST and the ['visible'] attribute of the both modelItems where used different filters to convert the value.  This is only an example. Actually  for modelItem1 we do not need here  to convert the value but it should only demonstrate  the principle of usage :




This will also work when I set the parameter via Script:

 $['TEST'] = 0;

When you apply the filter you need to pay attention that the parameter is alway convertred to string - may be ,in some cases we need to parse some  values to int or float ... etc.