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"Whoops! Error loading Experience (ERROR_UNKNOWN)


"Whoops! Error loading Experience (ERROR_UNKNOWN)

Hello All,


I installed ThingWorx-Platform-Postgres-8-3-0  and  Vuforia Studio Experience Service  es-8-1-3-b503-253-linux-x64  on the same  Ubuntu 18.04 machine using VM.

Experience Service uses 2019 port (regulare http).

Tomcat 8.5.23 starting without any errors.

After starting experience service with "./" command without any options I am getting the following log:


user@user-virtual-machine:/opt/ptc/twx-es/bin$ ./
Filtered arguments 
Using node from /opt/ptc/twx-es/nodejs/bin/node
Node version: v8.9.3
NPM version: 5.5.1
This message should appear in the logs if stderr stream is captured
ExperienceService version is 8.1.3-b503
Validating command line arguments and environment variables
No configuration update is needed
Log format: :remote-addr - :remote-user [:date[clf]] ":method :url HTTP/:http2-version" :status :res[content-length] ":referrer" ":user-agent" :response-time[0] ms [:request-start-datetime] :upload-file-transfer-time ms :upload-unzip-time ms :upload-irs-time ms

Using database handler: SQLiteHandler
=== Adding routing for root /ExperienceService 
=== Adding routing for root /VuforiaExperienceService 
ExperienceService configuration does not have VDP user credentials.
Please configure VDP credentials if you are going to use Vuforia Model Target APIs.
Starting '/opt/ptc/twx-es/server.js' at 2019-03-04T18:52:53.665Z
Current directory: /opt/ptc/twx-es/bin

Store for projects: /srv/ptc/twx-es/projects
Store for reps: /srv/ptc/twx-es/reps
Store for upgrade: /srv/ptc/twx-es/upgrade
SQLite db file:  /srv/ptc/twx-es/db.sqlite
Initializing billable event
Initializing metrics handler 
Server is using null metrics handler
Loading proxy configurations 
1 web proxy routes created
Initializing users handler 
Initializing DNS-SD handler
Event notifier enabled: false
Initializing rolesManager
migrator transformIdMappingValuesThumbnails.js was previously executed on 2019-03-02T14:49:37.027Z
migrator obsoleteAllowAnonymousGet.js was previously executed on 2019-03-02T14:49:37.027Z
Starting server now ...
1 websocket proxies created
Multicast advertising disabled: Error: Cannot find module 'bonjour'
Server is using user-virtual-machine.local as the defaultDomainName
WARNING >>> Server is running in INSECURE mode
Server is using the 'all' routingMode
Namespaces Disabled

Server startup completed in 3048 ms
HTTP Listening on port 2019

After publishing simple spatial experience from examples I am getting the following error on vuforia view (Android) screenshot attached.

Screenshot_20190304-222256_Vuforia View.jpg



Any idea, how to solve this issue?



@skolengineer  There seems to be some configuration issue. Request to review the configuration.json which should be inside your ES installation director folder. Make sure parameter domain_id_resolver  is pointing to your ES URL.


Also, you can start the ES in debug mode with below command to get more details in console-

DEBUG=vxs* ./


Hello @dupatel 


Thanks for the reply, let me check the configuration and get back to you.

Hello @skolengineer


Did you resolve the issue?

I have the exact same problem and already set the domain_id_resolver.


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