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time series chart, "Data is not loaded yet"

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time series chart, "Data is not loaded yet"

I am testing a time series chart.

Normally, hide the chart and click the 3D image to display the chart.

When displaying a chart, the following message appears.

"Data is not loaded yet"

 I set the chart in the following order.





I didn't check the getting start guide. The trial confirmed that only the "getpropertyvalue" service is available.

If I use the paid version rather than trial, can I use the time series chart if I follow the procedure above?


Re: time series chart, "Data is not loaded yet"

Hi @ccss1 ,

I think the answer is : yes.

So I tested to verify this behavior on a thing from a cloud instance  e.g. TEST-Thing with a number property 'value' /the name of the property is here 'value'/ defined as shown below in the picture:




There the property 'value' is defined as number and logged.  Via subscription to 10 seconds timer I generated a value stream:




Also to be able to access the Thing and the service QueryNumberPropertyHistrory() form Vuforia Studio I set the proper permissions.

In Studio I added the thing and the service as external data:




Here the query will request the last 25 values of the Thing property "value"

This is also set in the Time Series Chart as y-axis field - the x -axis is the timestemp of the value stream

the following   bindings:

1.) all Items of the QueryNumberPropertyHistrory() service to the Time Series Chart data.

2.)  Service Invoke complete Event to the Time Series Update service.


This was working fine . e.g. in preview mode:


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