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BOM Relations


BOM Relations

Okay, I've been going at this for hours now and I’m having no luck. Hopefully someone on here has had a similar issue and can help…


[Background Info]

We add “_bulk” to bulk item part numbers to differentiate them from actual parts.

For example, if we have part number “AB1234” the bulk item version of this (if necessary) is “AB1234_BULK”



The issue is when populating the BOM, “AB1234_BULK” appears as the part number ( for the bulk items and we only want it to display “AB1234”.


I created a relation in the bulk part itself which creates a parameter that truncates anything containing “_bulk”. So, out of the box, the bulk item “AB1234_BULK” contains a parameter named “bulkname” that automatically generates the value “AB1234”.


Next, in the assembly BOM relations, I simply want to write a relation that replaces “asm_mbr_name” with “asm_mbr_bulkname” whenever it sees “_bulk” as a value. Is this possible?


Currently, my BOM relations are as follows:


if asm_mbr_name=="_bulk"






But, I get absolutely no change to the BOM when doing this, or when trying anything for that matter... it just stays the same as if I did nothing.

Is there a symbol for “contains” as opposed to “equal to”?

How would I go about this?


I am a novice at relations so the more in layman's terms he better.

Thanks in advance.

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Your relation isn't doing what you think it's suppose to be doing. The way it's written it doesn't search for that contains "_bulk" it is searching for a part whose name is _bullk.

if this is a bulk item try this:

IF asm_mbr_type == "BULK ITEM"

name = asm_mbr_bulkname


name = asm_mbr_name


In your BOM the column for the part name should have:


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