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How do i type .. N*+4=B in mathcad


How do i type .. N*+4=B in mathcad


Does anyone know how i can type:  N*

21-Topaz II

you can only write variables or constants with a subscript. The asterisk can not be used since it is a math operator. You can use it in text format.

Its a bit odd. I was hoping that my equation look similar to as/nzs design standard code variables.

N* is all over steel, concrete and timber design standards.

It would then be much easier to share the cal sheets.

What version of Mathcad are you using?

Version 15 ... 2015 version

In Mathcad 15 you can use "Ctrl + Shift + j" and "Ctrl + Shift + k" trick:


Okay thanks but not very helpful with square brackets.

N* , M*(subscript) y .. etc are actually variables for a very big equation and is repeated over and over.

Square brackets doesnt look neat. Screenshot_20170422-003633.png

Actually all good. Ctrl shift k does the trick.

However, is there a exact way to type M* (subscript) y?. Please see attachment above.

23-Emerald III

This can be done in Mathcad 11:

Just enter: M [CTL-SHIFT-K] * [CTL-SHIFT-K] . y

Notice the dot, just before the y !

Note that after the first combined key press of [CTL-SHIFT-K] the cursos turns red, to signal that you're entering symbol input mode. After the  second time it reverts to the original colour.


Why not?

OK, here are my tries.

The first one being exactly what Luc suggested.

The second one a bit problematic in use as its not a variable name but a math term.

All have in common that have to do a lot of work to achieve a mediocre result.

EDIT: Just see that Valery had beaten me by some minutes concerning the second method. Of course he is joking with *:=3

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