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Problem installing Creo 3.0 Academic version


Problem installing Creo 3.0 Academic version

I have been trying to istall CReo 3.0, but I haven't been able to do it. The instalation always get's stuck where in the Aplication Selection part. There is a meesage that sasy please wait while we retrieve your license and it gever goes beyond that. Thank you for your helpUntitled.png



please describe step by step, what exactly you did.

For example:

  • went to PTC web page ... publish its URL
  • downloaded installation media ... which one ?
  • unzipped downloaded zip file
  • run setup.exe
  • and so on ...

Is your computer connected to Internet ?


Martin Hanák


I went to where I filled the form.

After that I was sent to where I downloaded the installation instruction as a pdf.

I opended the pdf, opened the link‌‌ ,

I created a student account to download the file in

I accepted the export agreement and  downloanled Creo 3.0 version WIN 64 DVD

I disable the antivirus and firewall

I unzipped the file and executed setup-schools.exe as administrator

In the installation wizard I accepted the software license agreement and I checked the compliance box, then clicked next.

Then I get a window that says that I need to log in to and after entering my information the program stops working.

Yes I have internet, and I also tried with Creo2.0 but I get the same error.

In addition, when I execute setup.exe (instead of setup-school.exe) I get an error message like this:



Your problem can be related to network card MAC address. Maybe installation is not able to get your network card MAC address.

I can check network card status for you, if you publish contents of ip.txt file created by following command entered in DOS prompt window.

ipconfig  /all  > ip.txt

Also check what files are saved in C:\ProgramData\PTC\Licensing directory.


Martin Hanák

I saw another post published today and I tried the solution that you gave and it worked!


After a lot of tries I finally can install Creo ...


Thank you for your help!


I am having this problem as well.  I need to install this for a class starting on Monday, 11-14-2016.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Mike Zvanovec


Thanks for supporting us! But we got problem with installation.

Bug report here...M070 cannot install, first thing is when i put

BH400407EDSTUDENTEDK12, error;

BK400407EDSTUDENTEDK12, error;



BH400407EDSTUDENTUNICL, error - this one gives me a license email.

and i manually load the license file, successed.

then during installation, most of processing bar just show red, and crashed in 10-15 second,

Thumbnail Viewer installed success

Creo View Express installed success

attach the pim_installmgr.log here

attach the traceback.log here

computer: Windows 10 Enterprise, Build 10240, 32GB memory, i7-5960x, install on c:/, setup file in c:/, setup.exe is runned as admin.

Before was fine on this computer, i had creo before, with setup.exe, not the one with school-tab, with the serial number BH400407EDSTUDENTEDK12, -

Please take a look, thanks! It's not just me, our mentor also has the same problem, he's on windows 7, i manually load the license from email in, installation process did not crash.

Gary Chen

FRC Team 4001


last time success install with M070 is September with the latest version i download from website, not quite sure if it's M060 or M070.


pim_installmgr.log contains a lot of error messages ... Error trying to extract: Unable to open cabinet: ... and so on

It looks like your installation media is corrupted.


Martin Hanák

Hi MH,

i don't think installation media would be corrupted, since everything is on c drive, and i just install bunch of other software like autocad and adobe things. Setup file...i downloaded 3 times from ptc website, same result. i think the error might relate to the license, cause i feel like creo is trying to write the generated license file to drive, but failed(the license automatic send to email seems like to be ok), and while extracting things, also has error with writing things to destination.

my thought only, just a guess.


concerning installation media ... did you download zip file from PTC accessible via page ?

See also the attachment.


Martin Hanák
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