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April 2021 Most Noteworthy Posts!

Community Manager

April 2021 Most Noteworthy Posts!

Noteworthy April 2021 Posts


Below are the top engaging PTC Community threads for April! See if your community username made this list! Or, read more about a topic that interests you!

1. Creo@seanmcdonn  revitalized the 2014 conversation Creo Parameters and Drawing Text Formatting started by @BreMiSt 


Thank you, @dschenken  @StephenW  @TomU @dgschaefer   @dbaum   @gbronke @dnordin @pausob   for participating!


2. Creo: @msteffke  received an Accepted Solution from  @RPN for his thread ProSelection Array without user interaction. Thank you,  @FV  for participating!


3. ThingWorx:   @MFritzhand   received an Accepted Solution for the inquiry JSON to InfoTable


4. ThingWorx :   @SG_9012314   received help with a ThingWorx Installation with postgreSQL for windows

5. ThingWorx:   @ML_8931370  asked about Error installation ThingWorx Foundation 9.1


6. ThingWorx:  @JanKerkhofs   asked about QR Code Extension on Marketplace?


7. Vuforia:   @ASM asked about Multiple scan widget in 3D eyewear

 @whity  and @dsgnrClarK  thank you for participating to the conversation!

8. Vuforia:  @Ace_Rothstein  received and Accepted Solution for the inquiry How to create a fade in and fade out effect for a 3D Image when it is triggered for visibility.


9. Vuforia:  @EEmmanuelLG  received an Accepted Solution for the issue around Can’t sign in VEC with organization account in HoloLens

10. Windchill:  @khimani_mohiki  received an Accepted Solution from @d_graham  for the inquiry related to Creating, Storing & sharing Drawings

Thank you,  @BenLoosli  and  @avillanueva  for also contributing to the conversation!


11. Windchill: @SV_9649587  received a “swift response” from @Ajit_Kulkarni   on how to Publish PDF to drawing content as attachment
Thank you,  @d_graham  for participating also in the conversation!

12. Windchill: @arajagopal @joe_morton  @BenLoosli @mmeadows-3 @mmeadows-3  and  @rhart 
had a conversation around EPMDocument subtyping.


13. Windchill:  @aachanta  received an Accepted Solution from @BenPerry  for the inquiry around Windchill API to check if a certain version of object is published or not and then publish

Another great contribution from d_graham as well!


14. Windchill:  @SvenVanDroogenb received an Accepted Solution from @d_graham for Routing/Tallying Expression in Assigned Activity

15. Arbortext:  @BE_9902721  received help from @bfriesen  for IsoDraw 7.3 does not show colors when importing CGM


16. Arbortext: @Tusken_Raider @Tusken_Raider received help from @DmitryTsarev  Using HTTPS/SSL to connect to Arbortext Publishing Engine


17. Arbortext: @Tusken_Raider received some insight from @GarethOakes  and @DmitryTsarev about Error AutoNumber Action Failed Number of conflicts


18. Windchill SSE: @amatai  revitalized the topic Message: system clipboard data unavailable originally started by  @wcatunda-2 
Thank you, @Ted_Lin  @fbamberg  and @einsor  for contributing to the conversation!


19.  Windchill SSE:   @BaluSri  received a reply from @kjain2  Assignment trigger meant to clear rich-text is configured with MKS HTML tag and a non-breaking space


20.  Mathcad@Cornel  received an Accepted Solution from @Werner_E  to his topic related to Matlab Code to Mathcad (15) – FE
Thank you   @terryhendicott for also contributing to the thread!


21. Mathcad: We can always count on @Fred_Kohlhepp  to provide some FUN to Mathcad forums with his Just for fun, hovering helicopter post.


22. Mathcad:  @prop_design  gave a shout out to other community members for helping with the Two Square Wave Vibration Examples post. Awesome Teamwork!


Special recognition to contributors @-MFra- and @LucMeekes


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