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Noteworthy October 2021 Posts

Community Manager

Noteworthy October 2021 Posts

Noteworthy October 2021 Posts



Below are the top engaging or most viewed PTC Community threads for October  2021!  See if your community username made this list! Or, read more about a topic that interests you!


  1.  Mathcad:  @NS_10096872 received an Accepted Solution from @Werner_E  for the inquiry [Mathcad Prime 2.0]- Struggling to solve Newtonian differential equation of 2nd order Thank you, @LucMeekes  @Fred_Kohlhepp , and @AlanStevens  for also participating in the thread!


  1. Mathcad:  @DS_10024912 asked How to Copy/Paste Equations from PTC Mathcad (ver. 7)into Word, Powerpoint, or similar? @ValeryOchkov   @VladimirN   @StuartBruff   @LucMeekes , and @DJF .  Thank you for sharing in the discussion!


  1. Mathcad: @Faris  received Help with rewriting an equation  Thank you  VladimirN  and Werner_E for your contribution.


  1. Mathcad:  @Sergey   received an Accepted Solution from @o.svahn  for Summation of the function

Great input  LucMeekes and StuartBruff !


  1.  Mathcad:   ValeryOchkov got the Mathcad Community rolling last month with a post about a Bicycle Bump  (with pictures of his bike!)  LucMeekes  @Raiko    AlanStevens, and DJF  thank you for participating in the conversation.


  1.  Creo:  @AM_9052294  asked about   Creo-Parameteric-constantly-Not-Responding-Windows-Update

@BenLoosli, @StephenWilliams, @TomU, and @Chris3 Thank you for your contribution to the conversation!


  1. Creo:   @rburgess-2 started a discussion about 3D Model default features

 @tbraxton , @StephenW  @kdirth  and @KenFarley and @Chris3


  1.  Creo:  @BG_9869104 gave a very detailed inquiry about Inspection Numbers…Here Lie my Failures and received an Accepted Solution from @MartinHanak  Thank you Chris3 and @pausob  for participating in the conversation!


  1. ThingWorx:  @GJ_10078600  inquired about Not able to import ThingWorx Analytics Extension in to the platform


  1. ThingWorx:  @sbt  started a discussion about Reading excel tabs in thingworx


  1.  ThingWorx: The Mashup Parameter conversation was started by  @AP_9587236


  1. Vuforia:  @RG_10041320  received an Accepted Solution for Chalk, call for Iphone and Android


  1.  Vuforia:   @DT asked about Vuforia – Publish successful but Unable to Load experience


  1. Vuforia:   @Adrian_G. received an Accepted Solution 3D Image in HoloLens not showing when Published


  1. Vuforia:  @JY_10080253  gave A question about Vuforia view to consult everyone.


  1.  Vuforia:  @FernandoMartin  received an Accepted Solution for the Problem with Model Target Optimization


  1.  Windchill:   @MattPat started a conversation about Export all CAD from Windchill database

 @BenLoosli  @Ajit_Kulkarni  @nbojcetic  @ScottMorris   @d_graham   we appreciate your contribution!


  1.  Windchill: @rleir  received an Accepted Solutions from @rhart  for the inquiry ODATA expand


  1.  Windchill:  BenLoosli and @TomU  spent time discussing CreoView Install


  1. Windchill: @Matteo_1987enjoyed discussing Automatically restore a bill of material with @joe_morton   and   @avillanueva


  1. Arbortext:   @ED_9927023 received an Accepted Solution from @VladimirN   for inquiry about ACL-Missing Argument while using execute function and an acl command


  1. FlexPLM: @madanmohan_qvc started the topic Getting error message while checking in Al file.

Re: Getting error message while checking in AI fil... - PTC Community


  1. Windchill SSE:  @ssaulstarted the topic View Development path without creating a sandbox


  1. Windchill SSE: @sklemm started the thread  Searching im-Command to export all objects of a project as .csv or xlsx  and received an Accepted Solution  from @tketz